Stay Fit during the Summer

School is almost over and summer is just around the corner. But just because school is out for the summer, and all the knowledge that you learned over the year slowly disappears with the summer sun, that doesn’t mean that all of the progress that you have made should also disappear.

Whether you are staying in Statesboro or are going out into the world there are multiple ways to maintain your progress.

Staying in Statesboro:

HHJ-4CRI is up and running during the summer months and so the RAC is always an option. You can utilize the weight room, the basketball, the racquetball courts, and the indoor and outdoor pools.

      Group Fitness Classes – Available during the summer as well. There will be a Group           Fitness Schedule for both A and B term.


      Personal Trainers – Available during the summer months if you want someone to help         you get started or keep you motivated.

      Summer Break Boot Camp – Just like Spring Break Boot Camp and Fall Fit Camp, this       will be offered Monday and Wednesday from 6-7pm in the Group Fitness Studio.

PT-13      Southern Adventures – Campus Cycle will be offered during the summer as well,                helping you stay fit by riding bikes around campus. Or utilize the Southern                          Adventures resources and equipment to go on outdoor adventure trips with your                friends.

      Wellness – Student Health 101 and the Wellness Center will be up and running during        the summer to help students with all aspects of health.

      Intramural Sports – Sand Volleyball, Summer Softball, and Summer Basketball will be         offered during the summer months.

      Tri-Eagle Challenge – A different type of triathlon for those who want to push their               boundaries. There will be a Tri-Eagle Challenge for both A and B term. Students have         the whole term to bike 100 miles using any of the three styles of stationary bikes in the       fitness center, or gain the miles through our Group Fitness Spin Classes. Students also       need to walk/run 26.2 miles using the treadmills or the indoor track. And finally,                   participants need to swim 5,000 yards in the indoor pool, either during open swim or         with a Group Fitness water aerobics class.


Not staying in Statesboro:

Unfortunately leaving Statesboro means you lose access to the RAC, but never fear because there are still other ways of staying in shape.

      Get a local gym membership for the summer months, most gyms will offer a discount         during the summer months.

      Begin a Couch to 5K or Couch to Marathon if you are ambitious, because you can run       anywhere.

No matter what you end up doing this summer, remember you can always be apart of CRI by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Unwind and Relax with a Massage at CRI

Soft piano notes blending with calming flute sounds mixed with the sweet smell of incense creates a relaxing atmosphere.

“I ask the client what their goals are for the massage,” Anita Brown, massage therapist for CRI, said. “Some people just want to relax, relieve tension, and enjoy some down time. Others might want to focus the entire session on a specific ache or pain. Some want a little of both.”

Personally, I just needed to relax and have a gentle massage on my back. So after discussing with her what my needs were, I laid down on the massage table and let her work.

It was definitely relaxing and I wish I had gotten the hour long massage instead of just 30 minutes!


Anita has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003 and has worked with CRI since 2012. She has had training in a multitude of bodywork styles such as: swedish, neuromuscular, thai massage, myofascial release, dermoneuromodulation, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, reflexology, reiki, and pranic healing, along with training in qigong and yoga.

Each massage incorporates different movements to better help the body.

The Swedish massages incorporates all the typical strokes of massage such as the long gliding, friction, kneading, compression, and percussive tapping that is present in nearly all styles of massages and is great for general relaxation, stress and tension relief, and wellness.

The other types of massages are all melded together during the massage depending on what the client needs during the their massage time.

The Hot Stone massage, while it is simply massaging the body with warmed stones, is the only massage the must be specifically requested.


By having such a wide variety of expertise, Anita is better equipped to accommodate each clients individual needs.

“The variety allows for an eclectic approach for each session which I really enjoy; I don’t buy into any single one approach or even the basis for why some people think that the modality is effective,” Anita said.

The most enjoyable massages for Anita are either working with the client on specific work to relieve deep tension and communicating about the pressure and movement needed, and when the person just wants to relax because by the end she also ends up feeling relaxed.

To reserve your appointment, visit Member Services at the front of the RAC.

What is Wellness and Why Should I Care?

Wellness. What in the world is that? Wellness is a very vague word that can have multiple, broad meanings. Wellness could mean losing weight to one person, having some quiet time at the end of the day to someone else, and to another it could mean making sure to turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

If you’re still confused, the University Wellness Program can help by breaking it down with the seven dimensions they use to define Wellness here at Georgia Southern.


The goal of the University Wellness Program is to cultivate a balance of all seven dimensions in order to help students have the best college experience possible while helping them to be well rounded and successful.

For example, you don’t want to spend too much time socializing and neglect your classes and schoolwork, because your primary reason for being here is for academics. However, on the flip-slide of that, you also don’t want to spend all of your time studying and miss out on meeting new people, getting involved on campus, and making connections that could help you in the future.

In order to help students become more well, the University Wellness Program hosts various events each semester that target one or more of the seven dimensions. Keep an eye out for Be the Change Week at the end of October as well as Put Wellness in your Wednesday, which takes place once a month.

For more Wellness info, visit the Wellness Blog and the Student Health 101 Magazine

Wellness Week 2014

Hi Eagles!

The University Wellness Program (UWP) will be hosting their annual Wellness Week officially beginning on Monday, February 17- Friday, February 21. This year, UWP’s theme is “Soar to More,” which encourages students to take advantage of all the opportunities presented during your college career. Your journey to wellness should be an enjoyable, ongoing lifestyle. Come continue this journey with UWP!

Thursday, February 13will kick off Wellness Week 2014 in front of the University Store from 5-7pm. There will be games, music, and a Healthy Pizza Eating Contest! Pre registration is required.

UWP has a fun week planned with many events! There will be forums helping students to learn how to balance their GPA and wellness, two meditation classes, and a Massage 101 class to help learn how to give a relaxing back massage. Pre registration is required.

The highly anticipated Live Well Fair will begin Wednesday, February 19 in the Russell Union from 10am-2pm.  During this time, students can browse local vendors and on-campus organizations to enhance their wellness experience. Students will be able to participate in cooking demonstrations, chair massages, and much more! Students will also be given a stamp card at the beginning of the event and if you have participated in most of the events, with your card stamped, you will win a free t-shirt!

UWP will be at the Russell Union Rotunda on Wednesday, February 19 from 11am to 2pm for the Empty Bowl Project. Come and get a hand painted bowl and fill it with some hot chili! The bowl selected is yours to keep in remembrance of the empty bowls around the world. All proceeds will be donated to our local food bank.

I encourage you to attend the many events being hosted next week. UWP is dedicated to helping students Soar to More and seeing the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To see the full schedule of events visit UWP’s Wellness Week page.

UWP frequently updates their social media about upcoming events. Make sure to like the University Wellness Program on Facebook and follow their blog!

Find Your #RACLife for 2014

Welcome back, Eagles!

This spring is packed with great programs and events to get you involved, stay in shape, and help you find your #RACLife.

To stay updated, I encourage you to follow GSUCampusRec on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We still have more #RACLife T-shirts to give away, so don’t miss out on a chance to win one!

Here is a quick overview for this semester.



Print your own schedule here.

There are three new group fitness classes to check out this semester! We have added a Meditation class, Restorative Yoga, and Interval Training. Never heard of them? You can read the class descriptions here to give you an idea of what to expect before you show up.

Spring Break Boot Camp is back this semester! The boot camp will begin January 21 and is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. No registration required.


Registration has opened for pre-season basketball and will close January 15. Mark your calendars to make sure you and your team is registered to play!

Also, Soccer and Bowling registration opens on the first day of classes. Remember, choosing days to play are first come first serve!

Lastly, be on the lookout to play CRI Open Golf later this spring!

Golf Course

If you haven’t gone to check out the new Georgia Southern Golf Course yet, or even if you have, book your tee time here. It’s only $7 for students to play! You can even sign up for lessons and rent clubs if you’re new to the sport.

Club Sports

The Club Sports Fair is on January 21 at 6 p.m. During the fair, you will have a chance to meet over 30 teams and get more information on how to get involved. Check out our directory to get an idea what’s available before you get to the fair!

Southern Adventures

Campus Cycle had its kick-off last night, and we only have about 15 bikes left, so come on out to rent your bike for the semester. Rental is $30 for the entire semester and includes the bike, a lock, and free parts and maintanence. Don’t miss out on this awesome program. It can help you to save gas money while giving you guaranteed exercise everyday!

SA will also be hosting tons of climbing and skills clinics. Pre registration is required.


There will be some Red Cross certification classes this semester. If you are interested in any of the certification classes register with Member Services on the first floor of the RAC.

If you’re interested in working as a lifeguard, go ahead and sign up for the certification to help better your chances of a job with CRI!

In addition to the Red Cross Certification, aquatics will be hosting Swim2Break, the Polar Bear Plunge, and Dive-In Movie!


Put wellness in your Wednesday is kicking off January 29th from 12-2 p.m. with a Just Dance Off event! Come to the Russell Union Stage and get active with Wii Just Dance.

Next month the Wellness program will have their annual Wellness Week. A variety of events are lined up to help you make wellness a daily routine.

Also, get excited for the Campus Farmer’s Market returning soon!

Stay tuned for more programs and events from CRI this spring! Feel free to visit our website for more information.

Have a great semester!

Campus Farmer’s Market: A Healthy Alternative

Hello Eagles!

Tuesday, November 5 is the LAST day of the semester that the Farmer’s Market will be on campus.

Saturday, I attended the Farmer’s Market on Main and had the pleasure of buying a lot of produce and treats! The ingredients that I bought at the Farmer’s Market were used to make Rotail (nachos) and chicken fried rice. It was easy to look up the recipes to these dishes. Any google search will give you a step by step guide of how to make your desired meal. I have also been using the bread as rolls with my dinner!


The Farmer’s market products are good, healthy alternatives. Many local Statesboro businesses that participate every Saturday are also present at the Farmer’s Market on campus. Since you will already be on campus, why not stop by and support your community!

If you want new cooking ingredients or ideas, the Farmer’s Market is a great place to go! It was a good experience to talk with some of the local business owners about the best way to use their products. 

If you are unable to make it to the Farmer’s Market on November 5, don’t worry, every Saturday it will be on Main Street right across from the Averitt Arts Center.

Check out the atmosphere of the Farmer’s Market on Main.

For more information about the Farmer’s Market or upcoming dates for next semester visit CRI’s Wellness page.

What’s Your Impact?

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.43.36 PMCRI is proud to take part in          No Impact Week, April 14-20, for the third consecutive year and provide Georgia Southern students with the opportunity to get involved with this experiment and make a difference in not only themselves, but in the earth as well.

I took it upon myself to learn more about No Impact Week through the widely recognized website so that I could better prepare for this one-week carbon cleanse.

After going through the website and reading about the various changes we can make as individuals and as groups, I realized the importance of living a more sustainable life. It isn’t just about giving up everything we have and what provides us with more comfortable lives. It’s about finding out what conveniences we take advantage of and don’t necessarily need to have all the time. It’s about how we can enhance our quality of life. It’s about making a difference that affects something bigger than our own personal comfort – The earth and everyone else on it.

The entire experiment originated from a man named Colin Beavan, who through a blog, book and film told the world his story of how he and his family lived a year-long experiment of a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.21.40 PM

University Wellness Program Director Michele Martin says that GSU is one of the top green universities in the nation and it needs to continue to be a leader of sustainable practices.

A few activities I would like to highlight that promote GSU’s sustainability practices include:

  • Campus Farmer’s Market, Williams Center Plaza, Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Purchasing food that is grown locally not only reduces the carbon impact caused by transportation, but it also supports the local community.
  • Guest speaker Van Jones, PAC, Wednesday at 7 p.m.
    • Speaks on Green Collar Economy
  • Dump the Pump, Russell Union Rotunda, Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • Georgia Southern students and faculty race by bike, skateboard, bus and car over to the RAC and back!

There are numerous fun and easy ways everyone can get involved in this project. Whether it’s turning your computer off during the night, purchasing locally grown food or trading in the car for a bike, you can make a difference in yourself and in the world.

“We do it to bring awareness to the many simple changes one can make that result in a huge impact on the environment,” said Martin.

Join CRI and the Georgia Southern community and participate in the week-long carbon cleanse. You can find all of the week’s events and activities on our Wellness webpage. Register now!

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.40.56 PM

Live healthier, happier and richer!