Are you the Strongest Eagle?

See who is the strongest eagle of all at the Strongest Eagle competition.

The Strongest Eagle is designed after the World’s Strongest Man competition and is a non-traditional way of challenging participants in both strength and endurance events with competitions in the deadlift, tire flip, truck pull, atlas stones, heavy toss, and a team relay.


“Although this event is competitive in nature, there is also great community and support among participants,” Stefanie Rodgers, Fitness Program Director for Strength and Conditioning, said. “It is a great way to connect with others that are passionate about their physical fitness.  As with any challenge, mental strength is also tested and this provides an opportunity to exceed even your own expectations.”

The top three finishers of each weight division will receive medals for preliminary events and the overall winner will receive a framed poster award including the original poster design and respective placement information. In the team event, medals will be awarded to each member of the winning team.


The weight classes for men are:

      Heavy Weight is 205 pounds or more.

      Light Weight is 204.99 pounds or less.

The weight classes for women are:

      Heavy Weight is 165 pounds or more.

      Light Weight is 164.99 pounds or less.

Participation is free for all RAC Member and it is $10 for non-RAC Members. And only 50 participants are allowed.


The event is April 11 at 10 a.m. See you there!



Fix your Fitness Slump with a Nontraditional Workout

It’s easy to get bored doing the same workout routine at the same gym everyday. A lot of times you don’t have time for the gym, or you don’t feel like going. Fix this slump with a nontraditional workout.

Nontraditional workouts bring the excitement back to fitness! From pole dancing classes to rock climbing there are a number of different nontraditional workouts that you can try.

  • Jump roping
  • Zumba
  • Belly dance
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Hiking

That’s just a few examples! You can take everyday activities such as climbing stairs and lifting books, and turn it into a workout.


If you’re looking for a nontraditional workout in Statesboro, CRI has a couple of events for you coming up on April 14!

The Strongest Eagle competition is a test of strength through nontraditional workout activities such as pulling trucks, tire flipping, throwing kegs, and more.

The competition is open to all students, faculty/staff, alumni, and current RAC members.

Cost: $15 before April 6th
$20 before April 13th
$25 on April 14th

Prove that you possess the endurance and strength to be named Georgia Southern’s Strongest Eagle.

 The second event is the Southern Sendfest Bouldering Competition. Southern Sendfest is an event that invites college climbers from around the southeast to come together to show off skills and learn some skills from others. There is a competition, and the top climbers in each division will receive an award. Enjoy food, music, and prizes!

Sign up before April 14 for $30! This includes a T-shirt, lunch and snacks, a SWAG Bag, and Post-Comp Social Events.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, all climbers are welcomed to this exciting event.

Remember, there are different options for fitness besides the same old routine. What’s the point of working out if you don’t enjoy it? Try something new!

Best Wishes!