Club Spotlight: Men’s Baseball

Men’s Club Baseball was the Club Spotlight this month!


February Club of the Month: Southern Bass Anglers

Congratulations to the Southern Bass Anglers for receiving February’s Club of the Month for CRI!

Get a Job at CRI



Ever think about what it would be like to work for CRI? Well now is your chance to find out!

From February 9 through March 1 the Job Portal on the Student Employment website will list every single job opening within CRI. This includes positions at the RAC, GSU Golf Course and the new Shooting Sports Education Center.

All you have to do is look through the job postings. Once you find one that you might like, submit your application with your cover letter and resume. It’s that easy. And you can apply for more than one position.

If you have questions about employment at CRI, tables will be set up across campus where you can speak directly with current student employees. The times and locations are as follows:

         Feb. 16 – Russell Union Bus Stop, 10am-2pm

         Feb. 17 – Outside the Dining Commons, 10am-2pm

         Feb. 23 – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 24 – outside Lakeside Café, 10am-2pm

                      – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 25 – Forrest Drive Bus Stop, 10am-2pm

                      – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 26 – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

CRI employs over 350 students and is actually the number one student employer on campus. This is because of the various divisions and areas that students can work in. Plus, working for CRI is awesome, so who wouldn’t want to apply? Some of the positions include:

         Recreation Facility Assistant


         Web Media Assistant

         Graphic Design Assistant

         Intramural Sports Scorekeeper

         Southern Adventures Attendant

        Southern Adventures Bike Mechanic

         Fitness Specialist

         Group Fitness Instructor

         Personal Trainer

         Club Sports Supervisor

         Golf Course Attendant

         Golf Course Maintenance Greenskeeper

         Shooting Sports Assistant

Any of these sound like something you would like to do?

Don’t forget, the job postings are only open for three weeks, so mark it on your calendar and don’t forget to apply!

Create a Club

Do you feel as though your sport of interest is under represented through Club Sports? Why not make your own?

“Club sports are beneficial in that they allow students to learn or continue playing a sport while competing against other schools without the time commitment of full athletic programs,” said David McConnell, Club Sports Graduate Assistant.rugby2

There is a two part process to creating a Club Sport. First you must becoming a recognized student organization and then you can apply to be in the Club Sports program.

Becoming a Student Organization

The start of your clubs beginning is simple. All you need is four chartering members that are currently enrolled as GSU students with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

Once you have that, grab an Advisor who is a full-time faculty/staff member at GSU and draft a constitution.

Send two of your chartering members, one of whom must be the President, to the New Student Organization Workshop. Once that is done submit an official, new organization registration form with the Constitution to MyInvolvement.

Now you are an official Student Organization!


Becoming a Club Sport

Once you have become recognized as a Student Organization your teammates and yourself then write a formal proposal to the Club Sports Program by March.

“The Club Sports staff will then review the proposal and discuss the viability of the sport in our program,” said McConnell.

Typically it takes a full year to get fully recognized and receive funding.

After the application is reviewed, the Club Sports staff works with prospective clubs on budgets, practice times and spaces, and other administrative stuff, said McConnell.

“A dedicated and passionate lead team is required to become a successful club sport, as there are multiple steps that need to be taken to become recognized by our staff, and then to keep the club successful after becoming a part of our program,” said McConnell.

Southern Cheer is in their first year as a fully chartered club and Club Dodgeball is currently practicing and petitioning to become a club.


Please contact Steve Sanders, Club Sport Director, at 912-478-5436 or email him at with any questions you may have.

March Club Sport of the Month

Club Sport of the Month for the month of March: Ultimate

1. When was your club established at Georgia Southern and what is a tradition your team has?

We were established in 1998. One tradition we have is hosting Southerns. It is one of the biggest tournaments in the nation and brings in 60 teams from around the country.

2. Why do you like playing Club sports at Georgia Southern?u

Georgia Southern club sports blows every other school’s club sports program out of the water. Not only do they have the best facilities and funding, they also have the most helpful and supportive staff.

3. How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We practice for three hours, two days a week. After a thorough warm up, we spend two-thirds of our time running drills, and then spend any remaining time playing shortened games that focus on what we went over in drills.

4. What is it like to travel and play different schools?

Taking a group of 27 players that we have been working hard with all semester and spending two entire days playing against other schools from all over the country is an experience like no other. Each tournament we compete in has a new set of teams that present a new set of challenges for us to overcome.

5. What is your best memory while playing in tournaments?u2

This season at the Tallahassee Classic, hosted by Florida State, we started off Sunday playing against Wake Forest. After a rough Sunday, our team was suffering from a handful of injuries against a strong opponent. We were down 8-4 at half time and we could hear Wake Forest talking about how they were going to finish the game 15-4 and it was, “pretty much over.” Unfortunately for them, we came out of half time pretty fired up from all of their inflammatory banter and scored six points in a row and managed to win the game 15-14.

6. What if someone is interested in playing ultimate? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If they are interested in playing ultimate, they should get in touch with me, Andrew Bogle either on facebook, by email, or stop by the south fields at 6:15 to talk with me. We host tryouts in mid-October.

7. Does your team have any special achievements? If so, what are they?u3

Our tournament, College Southerns, is one of the top 5 largest in the country. Our men’s team has attended regionals for the past 4 years, meaning we place top 5 out of 10-15 teams in our section/conference.