Do you, Broga. Do you.

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Bro plus Yoga can only mean Broga!

A new yoga workshop will be specifically tailored to men so that they can learn the benefits of how yoga can enhance flexibility and strength in the weightroom, on the track or on the field.

“We are doing Broga because we’ve had a lot of guys coming to our yoga classes lately,” Emmy Richards, Fitness Program Director for Group Fitness, said. “We think yoga is a great way to compliment any fitness routine and its benefits are often underestimated. ”

The workshop will be held in the Mind and Body Studio on Feb. 22 at 4:30pm.

Registration is not required and the workshop is free, but space is limited to the first 25 participants.

Mats and equipment will be provided for those who attend.

Though the class is tailored for men, both men and women are strongly encouraged to attend.

“We want guys to know that yoga isn’t just for females or “girly” – as it is often portrayed in popular media,” Richards said.

The class will be an hour and a half. The beginning will feature tips for men and then it will be followed by a full yoga class.

Richards said, “We hope that by providing a class specifically for males, we can debunk some of the myths surrounding yoga and help them improve their overall fitness and well-being.”


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