Climb to New Heights

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Ever want to climb an actual mountainside? Well learn the ropes at the RAC’s Climbing Wall and build your skills before showing off outdoors.

The RAC has a 45-foot-high rock wall modeled off an actual rock face. It is manned by shift leads and climbing wall attendants who can give you tips on your form and technique while making sure you are staying safe.

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“Climbing is an individual activity that challenges a person both mentally and physically,” Spenser Herkelman, Southern Adventures Program Director, said. “The benefits of climbing can range from improved self confidence to increased strength and body composition.”

In the RAC, equipment is provided for climbers from shoes, to harnesses, to chalk bags that can all be checked out. So there isn’t an excuse not to try it.

The only requirement is that participants wear close toed shoes, but climbing shoes are preferred.

Don’t want to climb up a 45-foot wall? Well try your hand at bouldering.

There is a Bouldering Cave right next to the rock wall that allows people to test their climbing skills in a different setting.

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Bouldering is for people who wish to focus more on the difficulty and skill instead of how high they can climb.

Though climbing is an individual activity, the Southern Adventures staff has incorporated a social event for climbers, Bouldering Night Out (BNO).

“Everyone is invited to participate in Bouldering Night Out. It is a non-competitive event with various themes. Patrons do not need to have any prior experience,” Herkelman said.

In the past there has been Ninja, Ghosts and Ghouls, and Neon themed events.


The Climbing Wall is open:

      Mondays and Thursdays: 4-9pm

      Fridays: 4-6pm

      Saturdays: 12-3pm

     Sundays: 5-8pm

The Bouldering Cave has the same hours as the RAC.


Do you, Broga. Do you.

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Bro plus Yoga can only mean Broga!

A new yoga workshop will be specifically tailored to men so that they can learn the benefits of how yoga can enhance flexibility and strength in the weightroom, on the track or on the field.

“We are doing Broga because we’ve had a lot of guys coming to our yoga classes lately,” Emmy Richards, Fitness Program Director for Group Fitness, said. “We think yoga is a great way to compliment any fitness routine and its benefits are often underestimated. ”

The workshop will be held in the Mind and Body Studio on Feb. 22 at 4:30pm.

Registration is not required and the workshop is free, but space is limited to the first 25 participants.

Mats and equipment will be provided for those who attend.

Though the class is tailored for men, both men and women are strongly encouraged to attend.

“We want guys to know that yoga isn’t just for females or “girly” – as it is often portrayed in popular media,” Richards said.

The class will be an hour and a half. The beginning will feature tips for men and then it will be followed by a full yoga class.

Richards said, “We hope that by providing a class specifically for males, we can debunk some of the myths surrounding yoga and help them improve their overall fitness and well-being.”

New Year, New Fitness Opportunities

The new year brings new opportunities to get fit.

The Group Fitness staff has ushered in all new Group Fitness Classes in addition to the ones they already had.

“I think the new classes keep up with the fitness trends and what is popular in the fitness industry,” Emmy Richards, Fitness Program Director for Group Fitness, said. “I think the classes also refresh the schedule and make group fitness sound more exciting, because it really is a fun and effective workout.”

Some classes such as H.I.I.T Fit and Yoga Flow simply received a facelift with a new name, Richards said.

H.I.I.T Fit was originally Interval Training in the fall but the instructor felt that a new name would make it more appealing.

Yoga Flow was taught in some general Yoga classes but the instructors felt that giving participants more specifics about what type of yoga classes they were walking into and to give them an idea of what to expect out of the class.

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“People should try the new classes because it’s a great way to switch up your current routine and reach your fitness goals,” Richards said. “Your body gets used to doing one thing all the time, like lifting or running, so it’s vital to change that routine often.”

Other new classes such as Total Body Blast, Upper Body Blast, Lower Body Blast, and Power Lunch combine resistance training and cardio into one class so that participants can get a more complete workout.


Whereas Beginner Cycle will help teach new indoor cyclist the basics while going through a fun workout to build confidence on the bike.


And these new classes could be just the start.

“If participants are looking for a new or different type of workout, then we want to provide those options for them,” Richards said. “Our instructors also will come to us with great ideas for new classes and we are always willing to try something and see if it works!”

There are numerous reasons to come and try a Group Fitness Class. There is no stress about planning the workout, because the nationally certified instructors will do it for you in a fun and effective way. And the classes are designed for all fitness levels from beginners to seasoned athletes so there will be something for everyone to do.

“You have to enjoy what you are doing in order to stick with it, and group fitness is the perfect way to get an awesome workout while having fun,” Richards said.

Get a Job at CRI



Ever think about what it would be like to work for CRI? Well now is your chance to find out!

From February 9 through March 1 the Job Portal on the Student Employment website will list every single job opening within CRI. This includes positions at the RAC, GSU Golf Course and the new Shooting Sports Education Center.

All you have to do is look through the job postings. Once you find one that you might like, submit your application with your cover letter and resume. It’s that easy. And you can apply for more than one position.

If you have questions about employment at CRI, tables will be set up across campus where you can speak directly with current student employees. The times and locations are as follows:

         Feb. 16 – Russell Union Bus Stop, 10am-2pm

         Feb. 17 – Outside the Dining Commons, 10am-2pm

         Feb. 23 – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 24 – outside Lakeside Café, 10am-2pm

                      – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 25 – Forrest Drive Bus Stop, 10am-2pm

                      – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

         Feb. 26 – RAC Lobby, 4pm-8pm

CRI employs over 350 students and is actually the number one student employer on campus. This is because of the various divisions and areas that students can work in. Plus, working for CRI is awesome, so who wouldn’t want to apply? Some of the positions include:

         Recreation Facility Assistant


         Web Media Assistant

         Graphic Design Assistant

         Intramural Sports Scorekeeper

         Southern Adventures Attendant

        Southern Adventures Bike Mechanic

         Fitness Specialist

         Group Fitness Instructor

         Personal Trainer

         Club Sports Supervisor

         Golf Course Attendant

         Golf Course Maintenance Greenskeeper

         Shooting Sports Assistant

Any of these sound like something you would like to do?

Don’t forget, the job postings are only open for three weeks, so mark it on your calendar and don’t forget to apply!