Lose While You Win

Guess what this weekend is? You guessed it. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The day football fans everywhere look forward to. And even if you aren’t a fan of football, who can deny the great football food and camaraderie?

However, are you worried that this weekend might set you back on your fitness goals?

Worry no longer. Here are some tips on staying on top of your fitness and nutrition while still enjoying yourself and the game.

Ok, so here is two ways to approach the big day. You can approach it with fitness in mind or with nutrition…or both.

Fitness wise, instead of playing drinking games every time there is a touch down do something active!

How about this:

      Every Touchdown – 15 push-ups

      Every Field Goal – 15 squats

      Every Extra Point – 5 Burpees

      Every Safety – 50 Jumping Jacks

      Every First Down – 20 Seconds of Planks

And feel free to throw in more workout sets or change the workouts prescribed, and you can get your friends to join you and turn it into a competition.

And now nutrition.

This is the hard one to crackdown on on a day like Super Bowl Sunday. Because mindless eating is hard to avoid.

So, instead of grabbing a soda try grabbing a water.

Now for the food, most Super Bowl Parties are a potluck. So here are some healthy twists on some classic tailgating food that you can bring to the party.

      Sweet Potato Skins instead of Potato Skins

      Chips and Broccomole instead of Guacamole

      Gorgonzola Turkey Burger Sliders instead of Cheeseburgers

      Spinach and Artichoke Dip instead of Buffalo Chicken Dip

And these are just a handful of food ideas that you could make that are healthier than the classics, but still taste just as good – if not better! And these foods will help you stay on track with your nutrition and fitness goals.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


Ride for Red Against Heart Disease


CRI is joining the fight against heart disease with a new program coming this February called Ride for Red.

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the United States and can be prevented with regular cardiovascular activity, like indoor cycling.

“We decided to have Ride for Red because we want to help people develop healthy lifestyles. With the new year, new semester, and spring on the horizon, we wanted to give people a chance to try our cycle classes and have fun,” Emmy Richards, Fitness Program Director for Group Fitness, said.

The goal of Ride for Red is for participants to participate in as many Cycle classes as they can throughout the month of February.

“We hope that by offering a program that encourages participants to attend classes regularly, they will get in the habit of exercising and improve heart health,” Richards said.

The program is open to anyone and there is no cost for registration. Participants simply need to give their name to the cycle instructor before or after a class and they will be put on the Leaderboard.

Each class earns that participant a heart sticker next to their name. The top three participants who attend the most classes will earn prizes.

However it isn’t just the three winners who will receive prizes. There will be random giveaways during classes as well, so everyone has a chance to win something.

Prizes include Champion Fitness clothing such as workout jackets, dry-fit shirts, and sports bras. There is a selection of mens and womens sizes to choose from as well if you win.

“People should participate because not only are cycle classes a lot of fun and a great workout, cardio exercise really does improve your overall health and well-being. This is the perfect time to start cultivating healthy habits that will benefit you for your whole life!” Richards said.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another semester!

It is now 2015 and the best time take advantage of a fresh start!

CRI is here to help you fulfill those New Years resolutions by supplying numerous old and new Group Fitness classes, along with intramural sports, club sports, and various clinics that will help you with all aspects of your fitness goals.

There will be the classic Group Fitness classes returning such as Awesome Abs, Yoga, Cycle, and Zumba.

However, there is a whole new set of Group Fitness classes. Some branch off of the staples like Yoga Flow and Beginner Cycle but others are completely new like Total Body Blast, Upper Body Blast, Lower Body Blast, H.I.I.T FIT, and Power Lunch.

If any of these classes sound interesting, go to our website and read the class descriptions.

Fitness classes are all offered numerous times a day, every day of the week.


Along with Group Fitness classes, there are also additional programs such as Spring Break Boot Camp and the new Olympic Lifting Program. These programs combined with the original Women and Weights and Madness in the Meadow classes can help you reach your fitness goals.

If swimming is more your thing, then look out for the Swim 2 Break challenge. Choose a Spring Break destination: Nassau, Bahamas at 8,000 yards; Cancun, Mexico at 16,000 yards; or Sydney Australia at 48,000 yards.

After completing any of the three set distances, you will receive a paradise glass.

Along with physical fitness goals, CRI offers programs for other aspects of improving overall wellness. These programs include Wellness Week, Voice Your Dream, Put Wellness in Your Wednesday, the Campus Farmers’ Market, No Impact Week, and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

With so much offered through CRI, there is no reason for you not to stick to those elusive New Years Resolutions, start fresh or to continue the progress you made last semester.

See you at the RAC!RACLife