Athletic Training in CRI

CRI offers numerous opportunities to its patrons to better their health and fitness needs and goals.

Located in the Injury Prevention and Care (IPC) office near the body conditioning room and the rock climbing wall are two Athletic Trainers who offer their services to members free of charge.

“This means that among other services, on site emergency care, injury evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, taping, and consultation on how to prevent a recurring injury or self-treat an existing injury is provided to the students who enter the RAC at no additional cost,” Jordan Dorrien, IPC Graduate Assistant, said.


On average Dorrien and Jessica Pasternack, Director of the IPC, see and/or treat anywhere between 30 to 60 individuals a day. The amount of people can sometimes limit how much time the two can devote to each person and so for larger needs it is encourage that members schedule an appointment ahead of time.

The most common injuries are those involving the ankle and the knee.

“Because these injuries are so prominent, we encourage individuals who are concerned about sustaining an injury to come in for preventative information,” Pasternack said.


There are many misconceptions surrounding Athletic Training and what Athletic Trainers do.

“I believe a common misconception is the way people view the name Athletic Trainer. People hear it and think, oh they must train athletes,” Pasternack said. “In actuality Athletic Trainers are also employed in settings such as large industrial companies, performing arts, military, private clinics, hospitals, and Doctor’s offices.”

“Also, I think sometimes what people believe an Athletic Trainer is comes from what they see at games or on TV which can often be handing out water and taping ankles,” Dorrien said.

The two most common duties of Athletic Training are injury evaluation and rehabilitation.

The IPC room is open Sunday through Thursday from 3-11pm.


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