Unwind and Relax with a Massage at CRI

Soft piano notes blending with calming flute sounds mixed with the sweet smell of incense creates a relaxing atmosphere.

“I ask the client what their goals are for the massage,” Anita Brown, massage therapist for CRI, said. “Some people just want to relax, relieve tension, and enjoy some down time. Others might want to focus the entire session on a specific ache or pain. Some want a little of both.”

Personally, I just needed to relax and have a gentle massage on my back. So after discussing with her what my needs were, I laid down on the massage table and let her work.

It was definitely relaxing and I wish I had gotten the hour long massage instead of just 30 minutes!


Anita has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003 and has worked with CRI since 2012. She has had training in a multitude of bodywork styles such as: swedish, neuromuscular, thai massage, myofascial release, dermoneuromodulation, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, reflexology, reiki, and pranic healing, along with training in qigong and yoga.

Each massage incorporates different movements to better help the body.

The Swedish massages incorporates all the typical strokes of massage such as the long gliding, friction, kneading, compression, and percussive tapping that is present in nearly all styles of massages and is great for general relaxation, stress and tension relief, and wellness.

The other types of massages are all melded together during the massage depending on what the client needs during the their massage time.

The Hot Stone massage, while it is simply massaging the body with warmed stones, is the only massage the must be specifically requested.


By having such a wide variety of expertise, Anita is better equipped to accommodate each clients individual needs.

“The variety allows for an eclectic approach for each session which I really enjoy; I don’t buy into any single one approach or even the basis for why some people think that the modality is effective,” Anita said.

The most enjoyable massages for Anita are either working with the client on specific work to relieve deep tension and communicating about the pressure and movement needed, and when the person just wants to relax because by the end she also ends up feeling relaxed.

To reserve your appointment, visit Member Services at the front of the RAC.


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