CRI Fitness Presents Olympic Lifting Clinic

Olympic Weightlifting is not a very popular sport on the Georgia Southern campus.

Personally, I love the sport but a lot of people can be very intimidated by it. So, CRI is hosting monthly clinic sessions to inform students on proper technique, form, and the basics for each movement.


Olympic Weightlifting consists of two competition lifts: the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch.

“The Olympic lifts are full body exercises that focus on strength and power through explosive movement. These lifts are very technical and can be refined through proper coaching and consistent practice,” said Stephanie Rodgers, Fitness Program Director for Strength and Conditioning.

Each clinic session will breakdown each lift. Tuesday, Oct. 21 the focus will be the Clean and Jerk. While Tuesday, Nov. 11 the focus will be on the Snatch. Each clinic session will begin at 8:30 pm in the Conditioning Room.


“In our clinics, participants learn the fundamentals of the lifts and are given the opportunity to practice under the direct supervision of a certified weightlifting coach,” said Rodgers.

“Students should attend this program because they will learn how to do the lifts safely and get one on one coaching for free!” said David Purser, Fitness Graduate Assistant.

Any RAC member can attend and there is no registration required, however there are only 18 slots ope, so show up early.


“The benefits of Olympic weightlifting include improved speed, power, strength, flexibility, and balance. Plus you look really cool when you are doing them! Learning the lifts from a qualified coach greatly reduces your risk of injury and will help you maximize your potential,” said Purser.

If you are unable to attend the clinic sessions this semester, no worries, because next semester there will be a six-week Olympic lifting program that will focus on consistent movement patterns and drills to improve lifting efficiency.olympiclifting-18


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