Find Your Niche with Club Sports

Last week was the Club Sports Fair! Over 26 clubs gathered together to promote their club and to gain new members.

“We had a better turnout than we’ve had in a couple of years,” said David McConnell, Club Sports Graduate Assistant.

Men’s and Women’s Rugby, Archery, and Southern Anglers all did well in recruiting new members during the fair.

Now, most people are under the impression that club sports are for the elite. Club Sports are not only for the elite, many Club Sports are open to anyone with an interest in the sport.

Unlike intramural sports, Club Sports are usually for both fall and spring semesters. This elongated playing time allows players more time with their team and sport. Participating in a club may offer the opportunity to travel frequently around the Southeast to compete against other colleges and universities!

There is something for everyone in Club Sports!
We currently offer:

Southern Explosion (Dance)
Men’s Ultimate
Women’s Ultimate
Men’s Lacrosse
Women’s Lacrosse
GSU Run (Cross Country/Track and Field)
Men’s Rugby
Women’s Rugby
Southern Anglers
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer
Men’s Volleyball
Women’s Volleyball
Mixed Martial Arts
Southern Cheer

And if you missed out on the fair, no worries! There is still the opportunity to join the club of your choice. Most of the clubs accept new members throughout the year, so anyone who’s looking to join a club can get in contact with Dave McConnell at or Steve Sanders at or contact the club directly by visiting

CRI is excited for another year of Club Sports! We’re anticipating growth in our teams and more wins for Georgia Southern!


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