April Club Sport of the Month

Congratulations to Baseball for being named the Club Sport of the Month for the month of April! I had the privilege of speaking with the club vice president and head coach, Matt Cowart, to find out some great information about the club. 

1. What is a tradition your team has?

The biggest tradition our team has is to allow our players to play at least one series in Clements Stadium per season. Most of our players had scholarship opportunities coming out of high school but chose to turn them down to pursue academics here at Georgia Southern. Being able to play in Clements Stadium lets the players get a small taste of college baseball.

2. Why do you like playing Club sports at Georgia Southern?

Playing club sports is the most enjoyable experience for me while at Georgia Southern. Having played baseball since I was five years old, club baseball gave me the opportunity to continue playing the game that was so hard to walk away from at the end of high school. In addition, club sports provide the opportunity to relax your mind and stop thinking about schoolwork for a few hours a week. I believe that club sports provide a great outlet for the participants that will overall lead to well-rounded students.

3. How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

Our team practices twice a week, generally on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Typical practices last about two hours. Each practice begins the same with light running, stretching, warming up, and then a round of infield/outfield. After that, we work on the areas that we struggled with the most during the previous weekend’s games.

4. What is it like to travel and play different schools?

Travelling to play at different schools is always fun for the guys on the team. They get to see a different city and spend more time with their teammates than they do while here at Georgia Southern. This leads to greater bonds between the players, which benefits the team both on and off the field.

5. What is your best memory while playing in tournaments?

My best memory while playing with the club baseball team is this entire current season. With this being a season for rebuilding, it was hard to stay optimistic while approaching the beginning of the season. But as the season has progressed, our team has come together and shown steady improvement each series. It has been a joy to see the way this year’s team, including the returning players, have had a completely optimistic attitude from day one this season.

6. What if someone is interested in playing baseball? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If anyone is interested in playing club baseball they can find our team information on the CRI website and contact Ben Smith or myself, our contact info is on the website. We hold tryouts during the fall and this information will be posted on the website closer to the upcoming fall semester.




Earth Day 2014

Hello Eagles!

Some of you may not have known but today is Earth Day! Earth Day has been celebrated since the 1970s. This day is used to bring awareness to the turmoil and negative impact some actions can have on the planet. Being educated about global warming/change and the benefits of saving energy can help make a positive impact on the environment. To date, 192 countries, 10,000 schools and about 2,000 universities participate in Earth Day events.

There are two events students can participate in on Earth Day here at Georgia Southern: Ride Your Bike To Work Day and the Campus Farmer’s Market.

Do something today that will benefit our world, and go green!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Unplug electronics that are not in use
  • Plant flowers
  • Start recycling
  • Build a birdhouse

These are just a few suggestions to get you started! Visit wikihow.com and rustletheleaf.com for other alternatives.

What are you doing for Earth Day? Comment below with your plans!


Last week, Georgia Southern University’s Campus Recreation and Intramurals was challenged by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to produce a Nice Nomination video.

The Nice Nomination stemmed from the “Nek Nomination” which is a really dangerous drinking game that has taken social media by storm. The Nice Nomination was created to counter this risky Internet craze by filming people doing nice deeds and random acts of kindness then paying it forward by nominating others to do the same.

CRI took on this challenge last week at the RAC. Check out this video to see what we did for the #NiceNomination and who we nominated next!

CRI Open Golf Tournament

Have you been utilizing the golf course for a while, and finally feel it’s time to show off your skills? Do you have a friend who would love to do the same? If so, you and your partner should register for the CRI Open Golf tournament on Friday, April 11 at 1p.m. Online registration for the tournament will close TODAY at 8 p.m.DSC_0180-L

Participants must check in at the course by 12:30 p.m. and provide his/her own set of clubs. The tournament will be a two-person scramble and Shotgun will start promptly at 1 p.m. There will be door prizes, contests for the Longest Drive, Longest Putt, and Closest to Pin. Winners of these contests will receive gift certificates. In addition, each player will receive a gift bag. The entry fee for the tournament is $35 per player, which includes green fees for 18 holes, cart, buffet meal and prizes.

DSC_0128-LFor more event updates on the CRI Open Golf Tournament follow the Golf Course on Twitter and like them on Facebook! Also, visit their website for information on the event.

How will you get golf ready? Comment below!

March Club Sport of the Month

Club Sport of the Month for the month of March: Ultimate

1. When was your club established at Georgia Southern and what is a tradition your team has?

We were established in 1998. One tradition we have is hosting Southerns. It is one of the biggest tournaments in the nation and brings in 60 teams from around the country.

2. Why do you like playing Club sports at Georgia Southern?u

Georgia Southern club sports blows every other school’s club sports program out of the water. Not only do they have the best facilities and funding, they also have the most helpful and supportive staff.

3. How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We practice for three hours, two days a week. After a thorough warm up, we spend two-thirds of our time running drills, and then spend any remaining time playing shortened games that focus on what we went over in drills.

4. What is it like to travel and play different schools?

Taking a group of 27 players that we have been working hard with all semester and spending two entire days playing against other schools from all over the country is an experience like no other. Each tournament we compete in has a new set of teams that present a new set of challenges for us to overcome.

5. What is your best memory while playing in tournaments?u2

This season at the Tallahassee Classic, hosted by Florida State, we started off Sunday playing against Wake Forest. After a rough Sunday, our team was suffering from a handful of injuries against a strong opponent. We were down 8-4 at half time and we could hear Wake Forest talking about how they were going to finish the game 15-4 and it was, “pretty much over.” Unfortunately for them, we came out of half time pretty fired up from all of their inflammatory banter and scored six points in a row and managed to win the game 15-14.

6. What if someone is interested in playing ultimate? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If they are interested in playing ultimate, they should get in touch with me, Andrew Bogle either on facebook, by email ab07891@georgiasouthern.edu, or stop by the south fields at 6:15 to talk with me. We host tryouts in mid-October.

7. Does your team have any special achievements? If so, what are they?u3

Our tournament, College Southerns, is one of the top 5 largest in the country. Our men’s team has attended regionals for the past 4 years, meaning we place top 5 out of 10-15 teams in our section/conference.