Spring Break 2014 Tips

I hope you all are enjoying your spring break! Whether you are vacationing with friends in Miami (like me!), with family members overseas, or still in Statesboro ready for St. Patrick’s Day, I have some tips for you to stick with your workout and diet plan!

Continue to workout during your vacation

Running on the beach and watching the sunrise is a beautiful scene! Try finding a unique place to workout while you’re on break. A change of scenery is always nice for your workout routine! Tweet us a photo or tag us in your Instagram so we can enjoy it with you!

Don’t over indulge or slip up while eating out

Fast food and fancy restaurants are usually the main sources of food during spring break. If you absolutely have to utilize these lovely resources, try not to over indulge. Skip the burgers and ribs for a grilled chicken salad, grilled salmon or shrimp cocktail.

Get plenty of SLEEP

No homework or class for a whole week! I know that will have you up all night trying to savor the time but remember, lack of sleep can lead to increased fat storage.

Drink up! Water of course

Keep hydrated and try to drink around 75-100 ounces a day.

For those who will be staying at home or Statesboro for Spring Break, I didn’t forget about you! Going for a walk, playing sand volleyball or Frisbee are great ways to keep active. Also, the RAC will be open during the week of Spring Break or you can visit your local gym at home.

Most of the above tips are from Archway, Wellbridge, HerCampus. Checkout the full articles!

If you have more tips on how to keep your workout and diet plan going during spring break comment below! Have a fun and safe spring break and stay active Eagles!


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