Tips to a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

SBSuper Bowl XLVIII is less than a week away! With New Year’s resolutions already made, I don’t want anyone straying away from the routines that have already been put into play. With that being said, I have done some research on healthy tips and recipes for Super Bowl Sunday!

I know that it will be tempting to indulge in the high in calorie food that will be served during the Super Bowl festivities you attend but I have some great tips to keep you on track.

Don’t Skip Meals

It is important to stick to your regular diet on Super Bowl Sunday. Skipping meals earlier in the day will only make you want to eat more while watching the game.


Before the festivities, go get a great work out in to feel even more motivated to stay in shape. It will also help your body burn extra calories. Of course the RAC will be open!

Eat at Halftime

The problem we all encounter is eating during the whole 3-4 hour game. If you must eat the food provided. Opt to only eat during half time and focus on the game.

If you enjoy cooking or have a group of friends who are planning to take the healthy route, here are a few dishes that can be made for your party: Shrimp Cocktail, Fruit Skewers with Honeyed Yogurt Dip, Trail Mix, and Swedish Meatballs just to name a few!

Here are the links to make these delicious dishes and more!

Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

31 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Party Food

Do you have any more recipes or tips that were not mentioned? Feel free to comment below. Cheers to healthy eating and may the best team win!

Tips were provided from: Tips and Recipes for a Healthier Super Bowl Party and Healthy Super Bowl Snacks


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