Officials’ Clinics

The Recreation Activity Center’s (RAC) Officials’ Clinics are a great way to get officiating training with no previous experience necessary. It’s a free three-day class. After speaking to Garrett Alexander, a CRI employee at Georgia Southern University, I learned of all the benefits of becoming a sport official.

“To participate in these clinics, all you have to do is show up. The employees at the RAC will teach you everything you need to know,” said Garrett. “This is a learning session for everybody. So come, ask questions, take in as much as you can, and hopefully at the end of the day you can leave saying you know more about officiating and all it entails than you did beforehand.”

Garrett describes his first time as a little nerve racking and intimidating but he quickly got over all of the negative feelings after the clinicians were very welcoming and ready to help him learn.

Last week, CRI had Basketball Officials’ clinics. Soccer Officials’ clinics will begin TONIGHT at 9pm. Also, Softball Umpires’ clinics will start up towards the end of next month!

“I love being an official because by refereeing intramurals I have made way more friends than I think I would have otherwise. I can’t imagine my college career without officiating being a key component,” Garrett expressed after asking about his experience thus far.

Garrett has had many doors open up for him after becoming a sport official. He was able to build connections and become an intramural supervisor. He also officiates at middle and high school football and basketball games.

If you do not think that you will be able to make the clinics this semester, don’t worry. Each semester CRI will have officiating clinics available to students. Flag Football and Volleyball clinics will be offered next semester.

“Just do it. This is an amazing opportunity. You literally have the chance to get paid while watching sports. Granted you’re not just watching, but it’s a lot of fun and you don’t want to pass this up.”

Eagles, if you love sports and want to make some extra money, take advantage of this opportunity!

Have any questions or want to learn more? Visit intramural Officials Training website or contact the Intramural Sports office:


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