Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving

imagesThanksgiving is only two days away! I hope you all are enjoying your vacation. I have recently been thinking of ways to stay in shape after eating all of the great food on Thanksgiving. I always sleep or watch television after eating. So, to stay active while on break, I decided to incorporate my family in my mini workouts. Here are a few things that I thought would be great to do:

Take a walk. Yes, I know that it might be cold outside, but it would be a good idea to go for a walk before or after eating. Take your dog, invite a friend, or make it a small family outing. Maybe even going for a Holiday walk.

Play the Nintendo Wii. I love the interactive games on the Nintendo Wii. Play tennis, bowling, or even a dancing competition game with family to burn some calories!

Accountability partner. This suggestion does not take any physical energy but it may help with not over eating. It would be fun to have an accountability partner to help from indulging in seconds (or thirds)! Make it fun and challenging!

Make it a tradition. During the Thanksgiving Holidays there are plenty of fun family games or events to attend. You can do something as simple as having a friendly competitive kickball game.

Go shopping. Black Friday is a fun event to burn off some of your Holiday calories. Take your family and have fun catching all of the deals and get your Christmas shopping done!

images2I also found a fun Thanksgiving calorie counter. The counter allows you to choose what foods you ate for Thanksgiving and how many miles you must walk to burn off the calories. It’s pretty crazy to see how much you’re actually eating and might help you judge whether or not you want that third piece of pumpkin pie!

These are just a few suggestions that I thought would be great for the Holidays. Do you have any fun workout traditions that you and your family participate in during Thanksgiving? I would love to hear them, so leave a comment below!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Eagles!


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