Add Relaxation to your #RACLife

massage_therapyWith the stress of classes, work, and tests piling up this semester, it would be beneficial to take some time out for yourself. Anita Brown is one of the massage therapists that works in the RAC. She has been a license Massage Therapist in Statesboro for almost ten years. Ms Brown says, “Massage Therapy is particularly helpful during stressful times.” The Recreational Activity Center (RAC) offers a great service for students to relax!

“Massage Therapy has been shown to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and increase blood flow.”

This service will be a great help to athletes, people who have regular back pain, and students who just want to take some “me” time.

“Massage therapists are not healers or doctors, but we are quite skilled in facilitating relaxation for our clients which is the perfect state for the body to start healing itself.”

Students, be on the lookout for the $5 off massage specials in November and December. Also, with the holidays vastly approaching, the RAC offers massage gift cards; this would be a great gift idea for a friend, significant other, or even as a gift for you!

“I have found that I’ve become more in tune with my body, stress levels, and emotions since getting massages regularly.”

spa_massage_mastheadTaking advantage of this service can help keep your mind fresh to push through the remainder of the semester.

The Massage Therapy office is located on the second floor of the RAC in the University Wellness office. For more information, visit the Massage Therapy website, and make sure to schedule an appointment at Member Services.


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