Campus Farmer’s Market: A Healthy Alternative

Hello Eagles!

Tuesday, November 5 is the LAST day of the semester that the Farmer’s Market will be on campus.

Saturday, I attended the Farmer’s Market on Main and had the pleasure of buying a lot of produce and treats! The ingredients that I bought at the Farmer’s Market were used to make Rotail (nachos) and chicken fried rice. It was easy to look up the recipes to these dishes. Any google search will give you a step by step guide of how to make your desired meal. I have also been using the bread as rolls with my dinner!


The Farmer’s market products are good, healthy alternatives. Many local Statesboro businesses that participate every Saturday are also present at the Farmer’s Market on campus. Since you will already be on campus, why not stop by and support your community!

If you want new cooking ingredients or ideas, the Farmer’s Market is a great place to go! It was a good experience to talk with some of the local business owners about the best way to use their products. 

If you are unable to make it to the Farmer’s Market on November 5, don’t worry, every Saturday it will be on Main Street right across from the Averitt Arts Center.

Check out the atmosphere of the Farmer’s Market on Main.

For more information about the Farmer’s Market or upcoming dates for next semester visit CRI’s Wellness page.


Show Your True Blue Pride!

It is that time of year again! Homecoming is vastly approaching. Tailgating and cheering our team on to victory against Western Carolina! Among the many events that will take place during homecoming week, there will be a True Blue 5K race. What better way to begin your Saturday morning before the game than showing your true blue pride!

True Blue 5K will take place Saturday, November 9 at 7:30 am. This race is for anyone. Rather you want to run, jog, or leisurely walk your dog.

Stephen Harvey, senior exercise science major, will be participating in True Blue 5K for the third time.

He says, “I love racing this event because of the excellent course that takes you through Georgia Southern’s Campus. Also, Freedom, the Southern Pride marching band, and GUS are just a few GSU traditions you will find throughout the route.”

Pre registration has begun and ends on October 25. Pre registration is $10 for students and includes a True Blue 5K t-shirt.

Need suggestions to get in shape for the race? Stephen suggests students running with friends or a group. Don’t have anyone to run with? Join GSU Running club, Statesboro Pacers, and Swim.Bike.Run Running Group.”

Check out this video of last year’s race highlights to get an idea of what to expect!

Eagles, don’t forget to use the hashatag, #TrueBlue5K, up until the day of the race so we know you are ready to show off your True Blue spirit! 

For more information visit the True Blue 5K website.

Add Relaxation to your #RACLife

massage_therapyWith the stress of classes, work, and tests piling up this semester, it would be beneficial to take some time out for yourself. Anita Brown is one of the massage therapists that works in the RAC. She has been a license Massage Therapist in Statesboro for almost ten years. Ms Brown says, “Massage Therapy is particularly helpful during stressful times.” The Recreational Activity Center (RAC) offers a great service for students to relax!

“Massage Therapy has been shown to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and increase blood flow.”

This service will be a great help to athletes, people who have regular back pain, and students who just want to take some “me” time.

“Massage therapists are not healers or doctors, but we are quite skilled in facilitating relaxation for our clients which is the perfect state for the body to start healing itself.”

Students, be on the lookout for the $5 off massage specials in November and December. Also, with the holidays vastly approaching, the RAC offers massage gift cards; this would be a great gift idea for a friend, significant other, or even as a gift for you!

“I have found that I’ve become more in tune with my body, stress levels, and emotions since getting massages regularly.”

spa_massage_mastheadTaking advantage of this service can help keep your mind fresh to push through the remainder of the semester.

The Massage Therapy office is located on the second floor of the RAC in the University Wellness office. For more information, visit the Massage Therapy website, and make sure to schedule an appointment at Member Services.

2013 Iron Eagle Challenge

The Iron Eagle Challenge (IEC) is an adventure race that gives students a chance to participate in biking, running, boating, and mystery challenges. I know it may sound intimidating but it is all about having FUN!

After talking to Kathleen Wilson, a junior mechanical engineer major,  I was able to get some insight on the race. She has completed the IEC twice and will be participating again this year.

Kathleen is excited about IEC because participants get to race with a friend. “You get to laugh about messing up, passing people, and figuring out challenges. It is a fun bonding experience.”

IEC registration has already begun! All you have to do is find a partner and register. If you do not have a partner don’t worry! Visit the Southern Adventure’s IEC event Facebook page and see who needs a partner as well.

There will be awards, a raffle, and refreshments immediately after the race. There are over ten sponsors this year so the prizes will be awesome! To register and for more information visit the IEC website.

Kathleen says participants should “Get pumped to have a really great time!”

Still not convinced? I am sure this video will change your mind!

The adventure race will take place on Friday, October 18 from 3-6 p.m. Don’t forget to use the IEC hash tag, #IEC13, up until the day of the race so we will know you are ready for the challenge!

A Personal Experience: Rock Climbing Edition

On Friday, September 20, I had the opportunity to climb the rock wall at the Recreation Activity Center (RAC).  Since it was only my second time rock climbing, I didn’t know where to start. Where do I go to get a harness? Do I need any particular shoes? Will they catch me if I fall? I decided to stop worrying, trust the RAC’s staff, and just have fun. The staff working the equipment issue desk beside the rock climbing wall was very helpful with answering all of my questions.

While putting on my harness, I scanned the rock climbing area. I saw students who were, what I would call, experts climbing a short wall with no rope. I also saw students waiting in line to climb the higher wall. Some students were even sitting down and discussing tactics with their friends of what they had planned to do next to get further up the wall. They all seemed excited and passionate about perfecting their technique, which made me even more anxious!

Want to see me in action? Here I am!

Overall, climbing the wall was much harder than I thought it would be. It takes a lot of stamina, endurance, and strength but it was a great challenge. I look forward to trying again because, as you can see, I was almost at the top!

Remember Eagles, rock climbing is free at the RAC and is a fun way to spend your time before or after working out. Invite friends to make the experience even more challenging by setting individual goals. If this is something that you have never thought of doing, I encourage you to come and try something new. After you have rock climbed or if you have any suggestions for fellow students leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Also, feel free to upload pictures and videos of you and your friends’ rock climbing as well. Don’t forget to use the #RACLife hashtag!

Want to know when the rock climbing wall is open? Visit the Southern Adventure’s website.