September Club Sport of the Month

Men’s Rugby was named the Club Sport of the Month for September.


1. When was your club established at Georgia Southern and what is a tradition your team has?

The History of Georgia Southern Rugby has been passed down, by word of mouth, since the organization’s official establishment in 1976. A group of motivated young men with a vision, many of who are now associated with today’s Golden Isles Rugby Football Club, established a rugby club here in Statesboro. For many years, the Club received very little, if any, recognition from the Georgia Southern community. This all changed on a historical Saturday in 1981. While playing on the famous Oxford Field, a surface containing as many rocks as blades of grass (where Southern Courtyard currently stands), the club defeated the highly regarded University of Georgia Rugby Football Club. The Southern Ruggers played in T-shirts with numbers spray-painted on the back, which contrasted with the UGA squad emblazoned in their matching red and black brand new uniforms. The hard-fought battle was witnessed by the President of Georgia Southern College, who had just happened to pass by. He was so impressed by the perseverance of the Southern players that the very next day, he allocated a significant sum of money to the club. From that day forth, Rugby has become a permanent part of Georgia Southern sports and culture.

2. Why do you like playing Club sports at Georgia Southern?

I play club sports at Georgia Southern because I feel like I am included in a family. My teammates are the greatest people I have met at Georgia Southern, and getting to play with them on the rugby pitch every Saturday is just a plus. The University is extremely supportive and so are our fans.


3. How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

The team practices three times a week: Tuesday-Thursday 6-8 pm. Our team practices consists of phase play, conditioning, and scrimmages.

4. What is it like to travel and play different schools?

Traveling to and from different schools is an experience. It is not really fun traveling in the car/van but we try and make the best of it! On a positive note, playing in new territory, interacting with other ruggers, and seeing different landscape outside of Statesboro is very exciting.

5. What is your best memory while playing in the tournament this past weekend?

The best memory while playing in the Black Rose is always meeting and re-uniting with our alumni. Feeling the chemistry and history with our past and present ruggers is a refreshing experience. Sharing old and new stories from the past and present teams that have worn the Georgia Southern colors is quite humbling. We carry on the strong tradition of Southern Rugby not only on the field, but off the field through our personality and attitudes.


6. What if someone is interested in playing rugby? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If someone is interested in playing rugby, they should just come out to practice. There are no tryouts. All of us have fallen in love with the sport through practice and became hooked on the game after the first outing with the team. For more information or if there are any questions just attend one of our practices or visit our club sports page: Georgia Southern Men’s Rugby.

Does your team have any special achievements? If so, what are they?

Our team won club sport of the year last year. We have worked very hard and have been graced with an excellent officer staff to provide us with the necessary information and materials needed to succeed in the club sports community.


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