A Personal Experience : Yoga Edition

Yoga Sunday

On Sunday, September 8th I had the opportunity to partake in a new experience by attending my first yoga class. As I walked into the class, I began to second-guess my decision to attend. But, to my surprise, there were many familiar faces which put me at ease.

The instructor, Erica, dimmed the lights and the class began. We were lead through a brief meditation and breathing exercise to prepare us for the class. After that, we participated in a series of stretches and poses. Once I got a hang of the breathing exercises and began to concentrate on exactly what I was doing, it was not as hard as I thought. The instructor made sure to let us know to go at our own pace, and more experienced yoga participants to advance, but encouraged us to only do what felt comfortable. It was amazing to see what my body could do! I began to feel a sense of calming. I had a really great experience and will definitely go again!


Advice For the Intimidated

  • Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing. There will be times when your back side is up in the air, so I would wear leggings, yoga pants, or longer shorts (:
  • Bring water. Just to make sure you are well hydrated. There is a water fountain near by, but you don’t want to miss any of the class!
  • When you first walk into the class, make sure to grab a blanket, block, and mat. These things will assist you with some of the poses.
  • This class is meant to be fun and cleansing! Concentrate on your breathing and improving your poses. Everyone will be focused on what they are doing so do not worry about feeling embarrassed.
  • The instructor is there to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

More Information

Yoga classes are offered multiple times during the week. To access the schedule visit the Group Fitness page on the CRI website.

See you there!


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