2013 #RACLife Challenge

This year, CRI (Campus Recreation & Intramurals) has created a great way for students to interact on social media at GSU. #RACLife is the new way to actively share your RAC experience. How do you participate?

1st: Follow/Like CRI on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2nd: When you are at the RAC feel free to post a status, upload a picture, or give a shout out to the RAC while using #RACLife as your hash tag.

3rd: Every day, students are uploading interesting #RACLife posts. To view other student’s experiences search the hash tag (#RACLife).

With those three easy steps, you are now connected to GSU #RACLife and will have several chances to win a #RACLife T-shirt!

Haven’t seen the #RACLife T-shirt yet? Check it out here in this cool video!

Contests will be lead through CRI’s social media handles. Be on the lookout for announcements of when, where, and how to win the coveted #RACLife T-shirt! Below is an overview of the contests:


CRI will post a question on any of our three social media handles and decide how many students will win a T-shirt based on their answers. It would be a great idea to brush up on your #RACLife knowledge!

Photo & Caption

CRI will post photos of different places or activities happening around campus and will look for student’s best captions for those photos. Creativity is a must!


In addition to daily updates on programs and events, CRI will randomly give out T-shirts to students who RTs (retweets), favorites, shouts out, or comments on a CRI tweet. Don’t be shy ;).


In the previous blog post, we have listed the various events and programs that will take place this fall. CRI staff may be present at any of those events with T- shirts so don’t miss out on anything!

Great, now that you are fully connected to us, we look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions about the contests feel free to comment below. Also, we want every student to participate and encourage you to spread the word about #RACLife!

Do you accept this challenge? If so, see you soon!


3 thoughts on “2013 #RACLife Challenge

  1. I love the RAC! I follow them on twitter and I have liked them on FaceBook for a while. However, I had no idea about the #RACLife challenge! The way you have promoted the use of social media networks and technology communication proves that this rapidly growing trend helps people get to find and possibly meet others of the same interest! People are able to find workout partners/potential friends by hash-tagging and being active on social media networks. Very good post!

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