End of the Semester Time Management

student_stressLet’s blame our professors for all our stress-related issues during these last two weeks of the semester! It’s all their fault students are rushing around, pulling out their hair and not getting adequate amounts of sleep! Well, OK, maybe they’re not to blame. They’re just testing our knowledge and preparing us for the real world; they’re doing their job.

We can only blame ourselves for the way we handle the pressure of the last minute cramming and the wrapping up of projects and papers. I would like to share with you one of the secrets to getting all your work done while being as stress-free as possible. This little secret is called time management.

The Mayo Clinic offers some great advice for handling stress and improving productivity through managing time efficiently. Here are a few tips that I would like to highlight, but I encourage you all to check out the full article as well.

  • Plan each day
    • Creating a detailed calendar that includes due dates of all assignments and times for exams will definitely help in making sure that you don’t forget something and remember when it’s too late. Make sure to include on your schedule everything you have to do, whether it’s course related or not. This includes making doctor appointments, going grocery shopping, hitting the gym and whatever else you may have to do. Put this calendar in a spot that will be visible to you constantly. This will allow you to see all your plans laid out together to help you manage your time better.


  • Prioritize your tasks
    • Some tasks are more important than others, and some have different deadlines. Make sure to list the most important tasks at the top of your to-do list so that you spend the majority of your time and energy on those first. This doesn’t mean that the little tasks can be skipped. This is just a way of reminding yourself that some are of higher importance than others and should be handled first.
  • Limit distractions
    • Being distracted could very well be one of the biggest issues students have when it comes to not using all the time available to their advantage. If what you’re working on is important to you and needs to get done, then acknowledge that Facebook, texting, listening to music, etc. may only be hurting you rather than helping. Eliminate all distractions, even if this means putting the phone away, closing the door and working alone.


It’s important to continue studying the next couple of weeks and finish out the semester on a good note, but make sure you are doing it as efficiently as possible. If you manage your time properly, you will be surprised at how much more you can actually get done and how less stressed you will be

The end is near!




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