Too Busy to Work Out? Think Again!

time-to-work-outWe are down to the final month of the spring semester, and a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed by how much schoolwork there is to do in the remainder of the semester. This seems to be a reason why so many people slack off on their fitness goals after spring break. We’re all just too busy to work out as much as before, right?

Wrong! If that’s your excuse, it’s not a good one! There are plenty of ways to stay on top of your to-do list, while also making time to get in some exercise! You don’t have to work out at a gym, although the RAC is always a great place that provides the equipment and classes for almost any work out you would want to do. You also don’t have to do it for a consecutive hour. Split up your exercises and create short bursts of physical activity to fit your workout into your busy day!0825-running-motivation_vg

Certified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor Jennipher Walters’ offers some tips on finding time to exercise. I would like to combine her advice with ways you can fit in your daily exercise while living a busy, university student lifestyle.


  1. Wake up earlier How many of you press snooze on your alarm 2 or 3 times every morning? Right there you’re losing 20-30 minutes, and does that extra little bit of time really make you more rested? Get up on the first alarm and wake up by doing some jumping jacks, push up and sit-ups. You’ll feel much more energized after that short burst of activity than lying in bed half asleep!
  2. Skip the busWalking across campus to your next class can be a great way to fit in some quick exercise. Set yourself at a speedy pace to get your heart rate up and see how fast you can walk to each of your classes. It won’t take any extra time out of your day, and it will probably get you to where you’re going quicker than waiting for one of the buses.
  3. Get your priorities straightSometimes we just put too much on our daily to-do list, and disappointment comes when we aren’t able to complete everything. Take another look at your priorities and figure out whether it will be more beneficial to you to go to that Spin 60 group fitness class at the RAC or watch a rerun of CSI.

So whether you’re crammed with schoolwork or just feel like an hour long workout is too much for you right now, you can get just as good of a workout in by splitting it up throughout the day! Just do at least 60 minutes worth of short bursts of physical activity daily to get your heart rate up. You’ll be surprised at the amount of exercising you can actually squeeze into any schedule you have and the energy you’ll gain by doing so!

Good luck!




Walter, J. (n.d.) 10 Ways to Find Time for Exercise. Spark People. Retrieved from


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