November Club Sport of the Month

Congratulations to the Women’s Club Soccer team for being recognized as CRI’s Club Sport of the month for the month of November! I had the opportunity to ask the club president, Madeline Bunn, some questions about the team.

1. What is a tradition your team has?

We don’t really have any long-standing traditions. Since I’ve been on the team we have started two new traditions, which are team pasta dinners and always saying GATA before our games.

2. What is your favorite thing about playing Club Sports at Georgia Southern?

The best part about playing on the GSU Women’s Club Soccer team is being able to continue to play the game I love and creating new friendships with the girls I play with.

3. How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

Practices are twice a week for about two hours each day. We typically spend the first part of practice working on technical and tactical work – small touches on the ball, passing, shooting, etc. Then the second part of practice we spend scrimmaging or playing small-sided games with a little bit of conditioning spread throughout.

4. How often to you have games?

The fall is our main season where we play 6 inter-region games and one or two out-of-state tournaments, all of which count towards qualifying for the Regional’s tournament, which is towards the end of October. Spring is more of a “we play as many games as we can schedule” kind of season with another tournament or two thrown in. But the games don’t really matter.

5. What is it like to travel around and play different schools?

Traveling is one of the best parts about being on the team because you get to know your teammates better and bond with them, which is beneficial both on and off the field. Playing other schools is also fun because you may run into people you know, and you get to see how other schools are coached and how they play.

6. What is your best memory about Club Sports?

My best memory about playing on the club team was the day I found out we made it to Regional’s. I immediately told all the girls and pretty much everyone I knew. To see the excitement on all my teammates faces was so rewarding. I was especially excited to have this happen for our seniors who had played on the team for three straight years without winning more than one game in a single season. The whole experience made our hard work and dedication in practices and games worth it.

7. When did you start participating in Women’s Club Soccer?

I started participating my spring semester of my freshman year.

8. What if someone is interested in playing soccer? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

Every year we have tryouts the second week of school for three days, usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tryouts are open to anyone, and we typically take around 22-25 players. We also have tryouts in the spring, but they are more informal because we tend keep the same team as the fall, and look to just add/replace players that may have left. If anyone is interested they can look up contact information on our club page on OrgSync, or contact me directly either through email –, or phone – 404-838-7966.

9. When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

I am not really sure. My best guess would be in 1989. After that there were a couple years where there wasn’t a team, but I’m not sure when it was started back up again.

10. Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

This past season we made it to Regional’s, which is a big honor because that was the first time the team had done that in at least 10 years.


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