Fit Sleep into your Schedule!

At the beginning of the month, Jennifer Brown, CRI’s Coordinator of Injury Prevention and Care and Athletic Trainer, came to the Group Fitness monthly meeting to speak with the staff about over exercising and taking care of ourselves.

As I expected, she spoke with us about exercise, stretching and having a well balanced diet. What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was when she began to stress how important it is for us to get enough sleep.

I know we’ve all seen the popular, triangular diagram online, joking that college students can only pick two choices out of studying, sleeping and a social life. But I disagree. I think it’s more about time management and putting your health before anything else.

Now, I know we’re all in college and we’re all busy and sometimes something just has to give when time isn’t on our side. But think twice before you decide to pull that all-nighter studying or staying out extra late for an after party. Jen was adamant about all of us on the group fitness staff getting AT LEAST six hours of sleep. But the six to eight hours of sleep rule doesn’t apply to just some people, it applies to everyone, so that means YOU!

I began to do a little more research on how lack of sleep can greatly affect all aspects of your life. And I’ve honestly found that six hours doesn’t even seem to be enough. Most sources are insistent on at least eight hours a night.

The University of Michigan has an awesome website dedicated this topic.
Check it out here!

Some of the main points they touch on are how the amount of sleep you get directly affects you performance in school as well as your diet. They included two links to a 60 Minutes video segment on sleep studies. They’re a little lengthy, but I’ve posted them below incase you’re interested! I definitely learned a lot from watching these segments and recommend them if you have the time.

Part 1

Part 2

Please take into account the negative things you’re doing to your body when you decide to deprive it of the sleep that it needs. I know sometimes we feel like there are more important things to do, but you’ll be able to complete them more successfully and effectively if you give your mind and body the chance to recharge. Take this Thanksgiving break to relax and catch up on the rest your body is begging you for!

Sweet dreams!



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