Show of Strength

Strength training is a great form of fitness to add to your workout routine. Weight lifting can be intimidating, especially if you have never done it before and are unsure of the safe ways to begin.

I asked Greg Stephenson, CRI’s Fitness Program Director over Strength and Conditioning, a very broad question. I asked him what he would tell someone who is unfamiliar with weight training, but is looking to begin. This is what Greg had to say:

“Individual’s who are beginning to weight-train or are looking to start a strength training program, often look at others and attempt to imitate what they do.  I mean why not, right? Everyone looks like an expert in the weight room.  But what’s important to remember is that when starting out, your body will go through changes that their bodies have already experienced. Begin a weight-training program by learning the technique or proper lifting form as well as staying at a low intensity.  Beginners often push it too hard and too fast, causing increased muscular pain and long recovery periods. This will eventually turn into a deterrent and the student will no longer want to workout.  Keep the intensity levels low as your body adapts to the movement for the first couple of weeks then progressively increase the resistance.  Allow adequate recovery time so that your body builds on more muscle from when you broke down the muscle in your session. The recovery is very important so again; don’t push it too hard too fast.”

This is only a taste of what you need to know to begin a strength-training program. Take advantage of the many resources at the RAC to safely begin your training schedule. Don’t be afraid to talk to professionals here and ask questions to get pointed in the right direction! Starting in the right place will help ensure that you end in the right place!

If you’re already into lifting, or maybe you’ve recently begun the process, make sure you look into the Show of Strength taking place on Saturday, October 27 at 11 am! The Show of Strength is CRI’s power lifting competition and has weight classes for both males and females. We want to see what you’ve got, so click here to see the website and register!

Show of Strength

I’m including a few videos below to show the proper techniques used in each category. Use them as a guide, but don’t forget what Greg had to say earlier in this post!

Squat Rules and Techniques

Deadlift Rules and Techniques

Bench Press Rules and Techniques

Get strong and be safe!


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