Men’s Rugby – October Club Sport of the Month

GSU’s Club Sport of the month for September is Men’s Rugby! The Men’s Rugby team is one of our well-established club sports on campus. I had the opportunity to ask Brandon Janco some questions about the club, and here’s what he had to say about it:

What is a tradition your team has?

Some traditions that we have are rookie haircuts, the annual pirate party, and the annual black rose tournament. We have many traditions that have been around since the beginning in the 1970’s.

What is your favorite thing about play Club Sports at Georgia Southern?

My favorite thing about playing club sports would have to be the general support that we get from different clubs along with the enormous help that the RAC gives us. There aren’t many programs that could compete with the standard of excellence that the RAC provides our club with at Georgia Southern.

How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We practice 3 times a week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8 pm.  Each practice is unique but we tend to try to perfect the basics of the game while expanding on new strategies to prepare for upcoming matches.

How often to you have games?

Our schedule varies from fall to spring but you can find our full schedule posted online at

What is it like to travel around and play different schools?

Words cannot describe what it is like to travel to different schools representing Georgia Southern. Rugby is a unique sport where you could play the game against an opponent that you hate. However, afterwards everyone attends a social where you set aside any difference and join in celebration for the love of the game.

What is your best memory about Club Sports?

My favorite memory about this club sport is when we played UGA at the GRU tournament in Athens. It was one of the most intense matches that I have ever experienced and one that I will never forget. It makes playing them this fall for the first time since that tournament even bigger. I predict that two eagle teams will come back from Athens victorious.

When did you start participating in rugby?

I started Rugby my senior year in High School. I had originally planned to walk on at Southern. However, the Rugby Club found me and I have never looked back since.

What if someone is interested in playing rugby? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If someone is interested in playing rugby I encourage them to come out to practice. We take on everyone and teach them everything that they need to know about the sport. We have some of the best captains and coaches in the southeast. So come out and play!

When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

 Our club was established back around 1976. We have been around for a long time and needless to say we have a very rich history.

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

We have players that made the USA South National Team last spring. Along With Mu Cabbell who was on the USA South 7’s team and tried out for the USA international team out in California.  We have won or placed in multiple tournaments and hosted our annual Black Rose Tournament where we’ve gotten second place two years in a row


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