How True Blue are YOU?

The True Blue 5k is quickly approaching and I can’t think of a better way to show your school spirit other than to dress as true blue as you possibly can and run through our beautiful campus the morning of our homecoming football game against Howard University.

This race is for anyone! You can be a seasoned runner, new to the sport, or just interested in taking your dog on a leisurely walk (as long as you pick up after them!)

CRI hosts many different races throughout the year, but none of the others can compare to the True Blue 5k. A lot of student organizations come out to get all of the participants pumped up and energized for the race!

Last year, Dr. Keel kicked off the race with us and showed his True Blue spirit! The GSU cheerleaders, GUS, CRI’s Blue Man and the pep band also made an appearance to add extra excitement to the race.

Here’s something else to consider- everyone knows that the RAC parking lot gets pretty packed with tailgaters on game days. Since parking is on a first come first serve basis, you’ll already have a great spot from your early morning run, which lets you jump right into tailgating after the race!

Students! You can register online at or at Member Services in the RAC.  Preregistration just ended, but regular registration is still only $15 until the day before the race. This registration fee also includes an awesome True Blue 5k t-shirt. If you decide to register the day of the race, the cost will increase to $20. Take advantage of the student prices and register early!

Also, Swim.Bike.Run of Statesboro is donating a brand new pair of running shoes for the overall male and female winners. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for a new pair of shoes!

With True Blue spirit,



Show of Strength

Strength training is a great form of fitness to add to your workout routine. Weight lifting can be intimidating, especially if you have never done it before and are unsure of the safe ways to begin.

I asked Greg Stephenson, CRI’s Fitness Program Director over Strength and Conditioning, a very broad question. I asked him what he would tell someone who is unfamiliar with weight training, but is looking to begin. This is what Greg had to say:

“Individual’s who are beginning to weight-train or are looking to start a strength training program, often look at others and attempt to imitate what they do.  I mean why not, right? Everyone looks like an expert in the weight room.  But what’s important to remember is that when starting out, your body will go through changes that their bodies have already experienced. Begin a weight-training program by learning the technique or proper lifting form as well as staying at a low intensity.  Beginners often push it too hard and too fast, causing increased muscular pain and long recovery periods. This will eventually turn into a deterrent and the student will no longer want to workout.  Keep the intensity levels low as your body adapts to the movement for the first couple of weeks then progressively increase the resistance.  Allow adequate recovery time so that your body builds on more muscle from when you broke down the muscle in your session. The recovery is very important so again; don’t push it too hard too fast.”

This is only a taste of what you need to know to begin a strength-training program. Take advantage of the many resources at the RAC to safely begin your training schedule. Don’t be afraid to talk to professionals here and ask questions to get pointed in the right direction! Starting in the right place will help ensure that you end in the right place!

If you’re already into lifting, or maybe you’ve recently begun the process, make sure you look into the Show of Strength taking place on Saturday, October 27 at 11 am! The Show of Strength is CRI’s power lifting competition and has weight classes for both males and females. We want to see what you’ve got, so click here to see the website and register!

Show of Strength

I’m including a few videos below to show the proper techniques used in each category. Use them as a guide, but don’t forget what Greg had to say earlier in this post!

Squat Rules and Techniques

Deadlift Rules and Techniques

Bench Press Rules and Techniques

Get strong and be safe!

Men’s Rugby – October Club Sport of the Month

GSU’s Club Sport of the month for September is Men’s Rugby! The Men’s Rugby team is one of our well-established club sports on campus. I had the opportunity to ask Brandon Janco some questions about the club, and here’s what he had to say about it:

What is a tradition your team has?

Some traditions that we have are rookie haircuts, the annual pirate party, and the annual black rose tournament. We have many traditions that have been around since the beginning in the 1970’s.

What is your favorite thing about play Club Sports at Georgia Southern?

My favorite thing about playing club sports would have to be the general support that we get from different clubs along with the enormous help that the RAC gives us. There aren’t many programs that could compete with the standard of excellence that the RAC provides our club with at Georgia Southern.

How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We practice 3 times a week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8 pm.  Each practice is unique but we tend to try to perfect the basics of the game while expanding on new strategies to prepare for upcoming matches.

How often to you have games?

Our schedule varies from fall to spring but you can find our full schedule posted online at

What is it like to travel around and play different schools?

Words cannot describe what it is like to travel to different schools representing Georgia Southern. Rugby is a unique sport where you could play the game against an opponent that you hate. However, afterwards everyone attends a social where you set aside any difference and join in celebration for the love of the game.

What is your best memory about Club Sports?

My favorite memory about this club sport is when we played UGA at the GRU tournament in Athens. It was one of the most intense matches that I have ever experienced and one that I will never forget. It makes playing them this fall for the first time since that tournament even bigger. I predict that two eagle teams will come back from Athens victorious.

When did you start participating in rugby?

I started Rugby my senior year in High School. I had originally planned to walk on at Southern. However, the Rugby Club found me and I have never looked back since.

What if someone is interested in playing rugby? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

If someone is interested in playing rugby I encourage them to come out to practice. We take on everyone and teach them everything that they need to know about the sport. We have some of the best captains and coaches in the southeast. So come out and play!

When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

 Our club was established back around 1976. We have been around for a long time and needless to say we have a very rich history.

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

We have players that made the USA South National Team last spring. Along With Mu Cabbell who was on the USA South 7’s team and tried out for the USA international team out in California.  We have won or placed in multiple tournaments and hosted our annual Black Rose Tournament where we’ve gotten second place two years in a row


It’s Week! This is the perfect time to address the eatWELL component and show you guys how easy it is to incorporate healthy eating choices into your daily life in order to make it become a part of your lifestyle!

Have you heard about the cooking demos being offered at the RAC?

Yes? No? Not sure?

Well, there are cooking demos being offered at the RAC! – These demos provide you with new ideas to add to your diet. They’re healthy and nutritious options that you may not have thought of yourself. You get to learn how to make yummy food and then sample the finished product!

Here’s the schedule:

Everyone always seems to talk about how they want to start eating healthy. Many try it out, but some don’t even know where to begin or have the wrong idea about what eating healthy actually means. I had the chance to ask Brianna Dumas, a senior nutrition major and the Fitness Program Assistant at CRI, a few questions about her healthy lifestyle. Brianna is a student at GSU, not a professional, but she provided us with a lot of valuable information and easy steps to take to head in the right direction of committing to a healthy diet!

Although she has some awesome information for us, I recommend taking a trip to and for even more in depth information as well as great tips to a nutritious diet!

How do you personally define a “healthy diet?”

A healthy diet to me includes a balance of meals that include moderation, lots of colors and fresh foods. As college students, we tend to aim for quick and tasty meals, but never take time to time to appreciate fresh options. We have to remember that quick and easy doesn’t always mean processed! Also, we all are busy and forget to pack that snack or something yummy for that midday craving, but skipping meals is never good! When your belly makes funny noises and says, “I’m hungry,” then you know it’s time to eat. Make the time to feed your body; we can’t ignore the hungry feeling!

What are some easy ways for students to get into the habit of eating healthier?

I think the most effective, yet really easy way to make a habit is to precook meals. Sundays, after I go grocery shopping, is my most productive time in the kitchen. Cooking something on Sunday and throwing it in some TupperWare makes mealtime quick and easy. This is a lot healthier and more cost efficient than running through the nearest chain everyday. Also, students must remember that it’s the small changes that make the bigger difference. Choice is key when out to eat with friends, in the grocery store, and just in life in general! Choosing grilled chicken over fried, a salad over fries, or even fruit for dessert- everything counts!

What was your turning point in deciding to lean into a healthy eating lifestyle?

The turning point in my life where I figured out that “I was what I ate” was just over a year ago. After declaring nutrition a major, I began to look at food a little different. It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year that I decided to become a vegetarian. Instantly I had to replace my animal protein with grains, beans, or veggies. What started out as a one month, self-experiment, turned into a lifestyle choice. I still can’t ignore how awesome I feel eating a fresh meal.

Do you think eating healthy always means becoming a vegetarian or eating organic?

Absolutely not! Going vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice that for the most part has a lot of thought behind it. Also, while eating organic is less harmful to the body and environment, organics are not always available or in our budget as college students. Like I said, healthy choices are just that: choices. A healthy meal is more than just calories and fat, and I think that is what most students are mainly concerned with. While both of those are extremely important factors in a meal, factoring in how nutrient dense a product is weighs very heavily on choices made. Adding colorful options to every meal helps pack in all the vitamins and minerals you need!

How do you keep up with eating healthy on a college budget and schedule?

Believe it or not, eating healthy is NOT expensive! Beans cost about $0.90 per can! Knowing how to buy in season and local can really help save on your budget as well. The way I look at it: Pay a little extra now for yummy, healthy food… or pay in the future when you are suffering from all sorts of lifestyle choices. What would you rather pay for? Food or prescriptions?

How have the past cooking demos gone and what do you expect from the upcoming demos?

The demos have been a great addition to the schedule here at CRI! We have had two so far with great success. We have had students try both greek yogurt and kale! Everyone seems really excited to try new things and I think everyone loves a free snack! Our next demo will be October 11th in the RAC lobby– “Rethink Your Drink.”

Compare healthy and not-so-healthy drink options such as frappacinos, smoothies, and lattes. Learn and taste a healthy alternative with our smoothie samples. 
Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm in the RAC Lobby

What’s your favorite part about being involved with the cooking demos?

I think my favorite part of the demos is exposing new and nutritious foods to students. We are trying to demo things that students wouldn’t typically pick up at the grocery store in hopes we will expose them to something they really love!

Be sure to check out the Rethink your Drink Demo this week as well as the other cooking demos taking place throughout the remainder of the semester! Don’t miss out!

See you guys in the RAC Lobby!


Are you ready for the Iron Eagle Challenge?

Have you ever wanted to participate in a challenge that’s more than just your traditional race?

The Iron Eagle Challenge is your perfect opportunity! This race includes traditional running or walking portions while also incorporating biking, canoeing and many mystery challenges throughout the course. The mystery challenges require both mental and physical skills and provide you with a nice break from running or biking.

The Iron Eagle Challenge course is between 4 and 5 miles long, but most of the mileage is covered on the bike. This race is ideal for anyone who is in moderate cardiovascular shape so don’t be shy!

So when is it? The Iron Eagle Challenge will take place Friday, October 19 from 3-6 pm

Now you want to know, “How do I sign up for this amazing race?” Just click HERE.

All you need is a partner, a creative team name, a bike and $15 per team member. Not bad! If you don’t have your own bike, just ask around to see if you can borrow one from a friend! True friends lend their bikes to other friends.

Once you register, mark the Pre-Race Meeting on your calendar because at least one team member needs to attend. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00 and 8:00, so you can pick the time that fits into your schedule the best.

This race is going to be a lot of fun! I’m all signed up and excited about the challenge, so I hope to see you guys out there!

Have an awesome week!