Spring Clean Your Way to a Better You!

Spring cleaning doesn’t sound like fun.  But, it’s only because you don’t look at the positive returns. Cleaning can enhance your wellness and improve your quality of life. How?

  1. Reduces allergies
  2. Sanitary
  3. No mold
  4. Reduces stress
  5. No bugs
  6. Improves mental state
  7. Reduces health hazards
  8. Less clutter

Cleaning has mental and emotional benefits that can improve your health.  It also can give you a huge physical benefit. Yes! Cleaning can burn a lot of calories. According to the everyday blog, 25 minutes of household cleaning can burn an average of 100 calories. Skip the gym today and work up a sweat by dedicating a day to cleaning.

Spring cleaning has more benefits other then a cleaner home. It’s a chore that can make a better you!

Happy cleaning!


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