How to Keep a Positive Attitude

Live a longer life.  Have a stronger immune system.  Think more creatively.  Get promoted at work.  Everyone wants these things, but how do you get them?  A positive attitude!  Everyone knows that one person who is always smiling.  Every time you see them, they brighten your day.  Maybe you’re the person that brightens someone else’s day!  A positive attitude benefits not only yourself, but also those around you.  Here are a few ways to keep that positive attitude:

1. Count your blessings
Many times we get bogged down thinking about what we don’t have.  Concentrating on the great things in your life will instantly boost your mood.

2. Exercise
Exercising decreases the stress hormone cortisol and releases endorphins.  This hormone, in conjunction with adrenaline, seratonin and dopamine, generates a feel-good attitude to help you take on the world.  Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises release the most endorphins of all workouts.  So head on over to that Zumba class you’ve been wanting to try (Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45)!

3. Volunteer
It’s no secret that helping others makes you feel good.  There’s nothing like seeing someone happy because of something you did for them.  Even if it’s a Saturday a month or one hour a week, giving back will benefit you as much as the people you are helping.  Below are some ways you can get involved.

Habitat for Humanity

Boys and Girls Club

Bulloch Recreation Department Coach

4. Sit outside
Instead of studying all night in the library, try taking a book to Sweetheart Circle.  Take a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air under the shade of a tree instead of sitting in front of a computer all day.

5. Sing a song
Singing is another quick way to boost your mood.  Whether you belt out Taylor Swift (like me!) or rap like Drake, singing releases all that stress you’ve been keeping inside.  So turn up the volume and sing into your hairbrush until your heart is content!

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “How to Keep a Positive Attitude

  1. Great post! Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but you’re right it’s all about keeping your perspective.

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