Last Minute Spring Break Ideas!

Still don’t have any Spring Break plans? Don’t worry! CRI has your back. There are a variety things that you can do over break to get rid of your cabin fever. Whether you are an adventurer or an adrenaline junkie, I have some ideas for you.

Adrenaline Junkie
Take your spring break to the next level by skydiving! Savannah Skydiving offers services for first timers and experienced jumpers. They have licensed skydiving instructors to guide you through the experience. Sail through the air with speeds over 100 mph!

Travel to north Georgia for a treetop adventure. At North Georgia Canopy Tours, you can choose from a variety of tours based on your preference. Zip over the Oconee River and enjoy a nature walk with certified eco-trained guides. Enjoy the fastest zips on the course as you appreciate the beauty of nature.

If you are an adventurer, Southern Adventures at the RAC may be able to assist you. From planning your trip to renting the equipment you need, Southern Adventures staff will help!

Magnolia Springs (40 minutes away)
Visit the clear springs that are a home to alligators, turtles and other wildlife. Visitors are welcomed to explore the small lake, bike along a 3-mile loop, or go camping. This park is also the home to Civil War’s Camp Lawton.

George L. Smith (35 minutes away)
Enjoy lakeside camping or paddle through trees with Spanish moss while you explore beaver dams and several birds. If you feel like hiking, enjoy the seven miles of trails this park offers.  Southern Adventures has a variety of supplies that students can rent out for a student friendly price. Some items they have available: tents, lanterns, sleeping bags, kayaks, snorkeling gear, bikes, maps, and books

Visit the Wildlife Center! You can take a self-guided tour with your iPod through all the venues at the Wildlife Center. Visit Georgia Southern’s Freedom along with Hawks, Owls, Wading Birds, Ducks, Snakes, Turtles, Frogs, and a Skunk. See all these amazing animals for FREE with your eagle id!

Here are some perfect opportunities for you to enjoy your spring break without breaking your bank. Enjoy the break and relax. You deserve it!

Be Safe!


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