No One Likes Sick People

The semester is getting busier, and students are getting sicker. Sometimes it gets hard to focus on your health with your hectic life, but getting sick puts a damper on things when you have a lot to accomplish with school, work, and life. However, there are ways to avoid getting sick.

Sleep is a very important aspect of wellness. Sleep can rejuvenate your mind, boost your immune system, and burn calories. According to the Vital to Health and Wellness Blog a study found that anything short of seven hours of sleep could triple your odds of catching a cold.

Staying inside keeps you in contact with the germs in that room. Getting some fresh air gets you away from those nasty germs. Plus, being outdoors is a more relaxing atmosphere.

No matter how clean you think your hands are, germs will find a way to stay there. There are germs on everything you touch, so it is important to wash your hands frequently. However, you will never have bacteria free hands because you have to touch things like the water knob and the door handle. Avoid touching your face because it will allow the germs to find a way inside your body.

In the college atmosphere, you may share your piece of pizza and soda with a friend. Don’t! People may be sick. Also, they may have used that hand to sneeze in right before taking the pizza in their hand. According to Summer Tomato, you should avoid chips and dip as well.

Laughing boosts your mood as well as your immunity according to the blog, We the Change. Laughing also strengthens the heart and improves lung function, which could add several years of your life. Tell some funny stories, and watch some funny YouTube videos!

If you would like some more tips on how to not get sick, visit the sites mentioned above.

Watch this! No one wants to be around you when your sick. Check out the Big Bang Theory when Sheldon gets sick!

If it’s too late, and you are already sick, I got some cold curing tips for you!

  • Liquids: Hot liquids can relieve your congestion. Drinking cold water and juices will also benefit and keep you hydrated.
  • Soups: The vapors and broth will help reduce the swelling of a stuffy nose and help your cold pass by faster.
  • Showers: Taking a steamy shower will loosen your congestion and relax you.
  • Sleep: Resting is the most important factor in curing a cold. GO TO SLEEP!
  • Gargle: If you have a sore throat gargling with salt water can help cure the infection in your throat. It tastes nasty, but it helps!

For more cold cures, visit the sites I got these tips from at Manage Your Life and at WebMd.

Life is important, but you have to be healthy in order to live it! Get some sleep and wash your hands.

Best Wishes,


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