Finals Week is Upon Us

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Finals week is here! All of us students know the pressures and headaches that finals bring, but never fear, your friends at Campus Recreation and Intramurals are here to help you come up with four tips to make sure that you are on your “A+” game heading into finals week.

1. Never cram — We are all in college we know what happens when there’s not enough time in the week (work, student organizations, the occasional party) but don’t cram. The Huffington Post says that the best way to study is in 20-50 minute increments giving yourself 5-10 minute breaks in between so you don’t suffer from a “brain drain.”

2. Create a “zen-like” environment for you to study in — Although it may seem like the coolest place to study, Starbucks and coffee houses might not get it done for you. There will be a bunch of distractions and potentially a spilled coffee on all of your notes. Try to find a quiet nook somewhere with few distractions, and throw on some slow tunes even Mozart to make your studying environment the most peaceful.

3. Study groups aren’t always bad — Personally I can’t really study with a group of people just because there are way too many distractions, but I will say that I’ve seen people form study groups and make great grades. Study groups are good for keeping you motivated, especially when your studies take you into the wee hours of the morning and you are feeling sleepy. Also, if your professor is on lock down for finals week and you don’t understand something, there’s always someone in the class who gets it, so form a group with them and you should be on your way to success.

4. Then again the professors are there for a reason — Even though professors will be bombarded with slackers trying to get some last-minute points when they haven’t been seen since the first day of class, try to schedule an office hour meeting with your professor. Just to talk about the things that you don’t understand, and what types of things would be most beneficial for you to study before test day.

All in all, the holidays are right around the corner, so just tough it out this final week and you should be good to go! Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors and good luck on all of your finals!

Wishing all of you the very best,



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