Be Healthy With Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is approaching! It’s a break from school, and time for us to eat a hearty feast. I have some tips for those of you that are health conscious. Yes! I am saying that there are ways to be healthy with Thanksgiving dinner. It’s as easy as eating this instead of that!

Playing with leaves is a great way to burn off those calories.

Did you know?
In the US, people consume more food during Thanksgiving than any other time in the year. Burn off the calories from your feast with these family friendly activities! You can play touch football, go on a nice walk, rake leaves, wash dishes, or watch a movie.

See there’s no reason to worry on Thanksgiving! You can stuff your face, and enjoy the fun family activities afterwards. All this information was found in Eat This, Not That! by David Zincenko. It’s a great book to reference with grocery shopping, restaurants, and holiday meals.

Best Wishes!


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