Be Healthy With Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is approaching! It’s a break from school, and time for us to eat a hearty feast. I have some tips for those of you that are health conscious. Yes! I am saying that there are ways to be healthy with Thanksgiving dinner. It’s as easy as eating this instead of that!

Playing with leaves is a great way to burn off those calories.

Did you know?
In the US, people consume more food during Thanksgiving than any other time in the year. Burn off the calories from your feast with these family friendly activities! You can play touch football, go on a nice walk, rake leaves, wash dishes, or watch a movie.

See there’s no reason to worry on Thanksgiving! You can stuff your face, and enjoy the fun family activities afterwards. All this information was found in Eat This, Not That! by David Zincenko. It’s a great book to reference with grocery shopping, restaurants, and holiday meals.

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Quick Tips on How to Stay Active During the Holiday’s

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For most of us Georgia Southern students, we will be leaving our sweet little town of Statesboro for the upcoming Holiday Breaks. What’s the one thing we will all miss the most you may ask, our beloved RAC. Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pecan pie… Which usually means we are all bound to pack on a few pounds. However, there is no need to avoid all of the fabulous food. Here are a few tips on how to stay active this holiday season:

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  • Exercise wherever you can – For all of you Black Friday lovers.. Take the stairs instead of the escalators/elevators and since parking will be a nightmare anyways, go ahead and park far away. But don’t forget, speed walking is more effective than a leisurely stroll. Your wallet will probably thank you later as well, seeing as you may miss a sale or two!
  • Bring a jump rope and resistance bands, they fit just about anywhere – It’s a great way to fit in a few minutes of intense cardio and quick strength exercises… At the airport, grandma’s house, you name it!
  • Get your family involved – What’s a better way to get active than a family football game? A little competition and exercise to burn off all of the turkey, stuffing and deserts won’t hurt. And for those families who may not be as competitive, go for a hike or a walk around the neighborhood or at your local park.
  • Offer to help with housework – Not only will you get on your parent’s good side.. You can burn calories while doing daily household chores. Check out Fitness Magazine’s Calorie Burned Calculator.. Thirty minutes of mopping floors will work your shoulders and biceps while burning 122 calories!
  • Participate in a holiday race –Towns all over the country are having Turkey Trots, Gravy Gallops and Mashed Potato Miles, some benefiting great causes. Get your friends and family together to join you! And if not everyone wants to participate, what’s better than having a huge cheering section? Check out these great Thanksgiving races in Georgia:

Although we will all miss the RAC dearly this Thanksgiving, there is no need to turn into couch potatoes. So, get up and get active.. After that last piece of pecan pie of course. We will miss you while you’re away, but don’t worry… We’ll still be here when you get back!

And for those of you who are sticking around, check out the RAC’s Holiday Hours:

CRI ’til you Die!


Club Sport of the Month – GSU Equestrian

This month’s club sport of the month is the GSU Equestrian Team. Here is what club president, Meredith Redlin, said about the clubs’ recent accomplishments:

This past month we have had four shows. We went to FSU the first part of the month and took second place, we’ve been to SCAD twice, we took second in the first show and third in the second show. We had our home show this past Sunday and we took third behind COC and SCAD. It was a great show and everyone worked really hard! We had one of our riders, Jessica McBride take Reserve High Point Rider at our home show this past weekend. We’ve had many of our girls take home first place ribbons so far this show season. We have another show at University of Central Florida this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

GSU Equestrian

I had the chance to sit down with Meredith and learned a lot about this club.

What is a tradition your team has?

El Sombrero team dinner nights every month.

What is your favorite thing about playing Club Sports at Georgia Southern?

It gives girls that don’t own horses or cannot afford to show in the NCAA a chance to do what they love and get recognized for it.

How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

Our lessons are tiring because we all work very hard. Not only are we out there riding, but we are have discussions about our riding and what we can do to fix it. Eleanor Ellis is an amazing coach and wonderful person. Personally, she has taught me a lot in the saddle and many life lessons.

How often do you have meets?

We have 5 hunt seat shows and 4 western shows per semester.

What is it like to travel around and play different schools?

Competing at different schools gives riders an opportunity to test their skills all around the southeast. Riding at home on familiar horses only goes so far. It’s very gratifying to ride unacquainted horses and win.

What is your best memory about Club Sports?

Making lifetime friends

When did you start competing?

Meredith Redlin (President)- 10 years ago

Sarah Roehm (Treasurer)- 10 years ago.

What if someone is interested in playing your sport? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

We have a facebook page, our own website  (,and we are constantly promoting our team by talking it up and wearing our team apparel.

When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

The Georgia Southern Equestrian Team was founded in 1993

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

Currently we are in second place for the season and we have a huge group of new riders this year. We’ve really come together as a team and already accomplished a lot in and out of the show ring .