The Iron Eagle Challenge

Are you ready for the “Challenge?” The 7th annual Iron Eagle Challenge will be held Friday, October 28th from 3 – 6 pm. Not sure what the IEC is? Don’t worry I’ll fill you in. The IEC is an adventure race that is set throughout Georgia Southern University’s scenic campus. You and a partner will need to get in gear as you all will have to go off road and cycle, run/walk, canoe across lakes, and answer a series of mystery questions.

The mystery questions will require both physical and mental skills to get through them and you didn’t hear this from me, but I got an inside scoop from Matt McBride, Southern Adventures Program Director, that you will need to “brush up on your knowledge of the October night sky.” The IEC is a perfect race for those you who like to be moderately fit, those of you who are extremely competitive, and those of you who like to just have fun and wear really cool outfits and costumes. Which reminds me costumes are really encouraged! I’ve seen everything from Batman and Robin, you’ll see that in the video below, to Gumby and princesses. What better way to bring in the Halloween festivities than by dressing up and experiencing the Iron Eagle Challenge. McBride says, “Either way, at the end of the day, you will go home happy that you participated.” Ok back to race, some people who have completed the race have compared it to the Amazing Race (hence the music in the video).

The Iron Eagle Challenge is between four and five miles. You will need to bring rent or buy a bicycle and a helmet. Don’t have one? Don’t worry Southern Adventures has you covered. Stop by the Southern Adventures Center at the RAC to reserve your bicycle and helmet TODAY!

For more information about the race, the rules, and who to contact, visit the Iron Eagle Challenge website below:


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