Club Sport of the Month -Cycling

The GSU Cycling Team has been Selected as the September Club Sport of the Month! I had the opportunity to talk to team President Drew Powell about the Club. Check out below for some entertaining and enlightening responses.

GSU Cycling

What is a tradition your team has?

A 100 mile ride on a saturday winter morning, followed by a nap, food, football that afternoon and Moe biscuits please! –title given to the craziest trip of the season. One year we went an hour and a half out of the way because we were all craving biscuits.

What is your favorite thing about playing Club Sports at Georgia Southern?

I dont know where I could find this kind of support from a club sports program. Everyone in it as well as at CRI always asks “How was yall’s weekend” “How’d yall do?” They are excited to here we succeed. That just pushes us to represent GSU more and more. So the support is huge.

How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We try to get on the bike everyday preseason and in season. Depending on the season, we will work on technical work for Mtn bikers and Cyclocross. We will train intervals/power sets/hill repeats/force/endurance any other time. On the weekends we will typically just go out and spin for 3-4 hours putting on deeep legs.

How often do you have meets?

Road season in spring will have an omnium weekend just about every weekend of the spring. Typically two to three weekends off. Mountain season in the fall has normally 5-6 race weekends. Then cyclocross at the end of the fall semester will have 3 or 4 races. It is a new discipline.

What is it like to travel around and play different schools?

It is awesome! We have met some of the coolest people and stayed in some of the nicest towns. Mars Hill and us have become very close as to we will put them up when they are in town, and they will do the same for us.

What is your best memory about Club Sports?

Steve’s “cat” story.

When did you start cycling?

Freshman Year in college

What if someone is interested in playing your sport? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

They can check out our facebook or website Come to a meeting, meet everyone. No tryouts. be a nice person, and be passionate about what you are doing.

When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

Our club was established way back in the early 90’s

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

We are particularly proud of becoming division 1 last year and stepping it up to do work on a tougher crowd of individuals.


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