It’s Spin Time

With summer only a few days away, many of you may be packing to go home. Others, however, will be heading to the RAC to begin their summer weight loss program. It is not uncommon for students to choose summer break as the time to really focus on their fitness goals because they have more time to devote to the gym. To help those who wish to lose some pounds over summer, CRI has created an 8-Week Spinning Weight Loss Program. The class meets every Wednesday from May 25- July 30 at 6:30 p.m.

Space for the Program is limited to 20 people!

I sat down with Justine Coleman, Group Fitness Director for CRI, to get some information on spinning and the benefits of group exercise:

1. For those who have never taken a spinning class, is it hard?

To be honest, the biggest challenge for most people is the seat. It is small and not that soft. I recommend wearing pants that don’t rub against your skin, such as sweat pants or spandex- Anything that will make the seat more comfortable.

2.What muscle groups does spinning work out?

It works out mostly your legs. However, you do need to work on your core and upper body strength in order to become a more efficient rider.

 3. What types of spinning classes are available at the RAC?

We have our regular Spin 30, Spin 45, Spin 50 and Spin 60 classes. Then we have our combination spin classes that include Spin Core, Spin and Sculpt, Spinlates, SpINSANITY.

4. Which class should a beginner take?

Start out with Spin 30, which is 30 minutes of regular spinning. Do not take SpINSANITY! That is the class you should work your way up to.

5.  What is your favorite combination spin class and why?

My favorite class is the combination Spinlates class (spin and Pilates) because Pilates works on strength training and flexibility. I like how your body weight is used for strength training in lieu of equipment.

6. What are the benefits of group exercise?

It is motivating to be surrounded by a group of people. Plus, there is the social aspect of meeting new people who want to achieve the same goals you do.

7. What advice would you give to those who are too self-conscious to work out in groups or in front of others?

More often than not, people are focused on just themselves when working out and are not watching or judging or you. Just be optimistic.

8. What are the benefits of starting a weight loss plan over summer break?

During summertime, students tend to be a lot more relaxed. Plus, they have more time to dedicate to their weight loss goal.

For more information on the 8-Week Spinning Weight Loss Program or to view CRI’s summer group fitness schedule, please visit

CRI Till You Die! – Michelle


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