Navigating the Wellness Website

This post is a guide to the Wellness website. It has a lot of useful resources, and now you can understand  what they are!

The seven dimensions of wellness are highlighted on the Wellness website.  The website outlines ways to achieve each of these dimensions both on campus and off campus.  The seven dimensions of wellness are: emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

For example, if you want to achieve emotional wellness, you will see the definition of emotional wellness first. Emotional wellness is defined on the website as “being aware of and accepting one’s feelings, the ability, and having outlets to express emotions constructively, and being happy and positive.” After reading this definition, you may feel like you could work on your emotional wellness. There are over ten links to resources on campus to help achieve emotional wellness, including the Counseling Center, where students can take advantage of free sessions, and Massage Therapy, where you can relieve stress with a professional massage at a low rate.

The website also makes it easy to search programs that CRI offers to enhance the different dimensions of wellness. Whether you are a student or faculty member, there are programs for you.

If you are looking for resources off campus, the website can lead you to many credible sources. Again, for emotional wellness, you can view websites outside of Georgia Southern sponsored departments, like Learning Meditation, American Psychological Association, and National Association for Self-Esteem.

In addition to highlighting the seven dimensions of wellness, the site also gives access to useful wellness tips, the Wellness Advisory Board (where you can contact educated members of the board about specific wellness questions), and information about Wellness Ambassadors.

Now you are ready to go check out the Wellness Website so you can be on your way to  achieving the seven dimensions of wellness!


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