Strongest Eagle Competition… Are You Stoked?

The most unmerciful test of strength and endurance is calling upon you. Push your body to its breaking point, with the raw, unrelenting power and intense force that only a true strongman competitor possesses. With events like Atlas stones, Fingal’s fingers and tire flipping, only the most brutal can be worthy of this competition. This is no place for the weak.

Wow, that’s intense! If you are like me, then you haven’t heard of a lot of these exercises… That’s where I come in. I will lay out the basics of the competition as well as interview two of Georgia Southern’s Strongest Eagles.

The competition will consist of multiple preliminary events. The top two finalists will compete in the championship event, which is the truck pull. There are separate divisions for each of the events for men and women to compete against each other. There are not separate weight divisions.

Now that you have the basic information, read on for a true strong man’s perspective. Skyler Pyles is an assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Georgia Southern University.

How did you become interested in strong man competitions?

I became interested in strongman contests because I like challenges. I like doing things that I’m not very good at and things that are different.  This competition fits the bill.

When did you start lifting/training?

I started lifting and training as a freshman in high school for football. It became a habit and a hobby. Exercise will always be a priority in my life.

What is your favorite test of strength or exercise?

My favorite test of strength is max reps on pull ups.  Not many people are good at pull up, I wasn’t at one time, but I’ve worked hard at them and now I think I can hold my own.  You don’t see many big guys that can pull there own body weight up.

Do you have any tips/advice for people interested in becoming as diesel as you are?

My advice for people who train is to make sure they work your total body…that includes your LEGS. Too many meat heads ignore the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.

Another perspective comes from Kimberly Knipe, who is competing in the Strongest Eagle competition.

How did you become interested in strong man competitions?

This is my first strong man style competition and I became interested in it when Greg Stephenson, Fitness Director at CRI, first got Skyler and myself testing out the apparatus and weight for the different events in November. After I flipped my first tire in the tire yard I was hooked! That same day Greg told me I would be trying to pull a 1000 pound golf cart and I legitimately thought he had lost his mind… Then the golf cart was too easy, then the golf cart with a trailer was too easy… and the only thing left was the truck pull, so we tried it and the rest is history!

When did you start lifting/training?

I started lifting/training five days a week in October of this year. It’s amazing how much stronger you get in even such a short period of time as five months.

What is your favorite test of strength or exercise?

I’d have to say the truck pull is my favorite test of strength because of how intimidating it seems. Plus, I love that you drive with your legs almost parallel with the ground. I also think that pull ups are an all around test of strength…those suckers are hard! At the beginning of this semester someone challenged me to do 1 pull up in three months time, well its before the three month mark and I can now do 5 pull ups! I know that doesnt seem like alot compared to most men, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Do you have any tips/advice for people interested in becoming as diesel as you are?

Being “diesel” is as much a mentality as anything else.  I work out five days a week and have a steady crew of 3-6 girls that join me each day; without knowing that they are going to be waiting on me in the mornings I may never actually roll out of bed at 5:30 a.m. I would also say that remembering to rest is just as important as working out. No rest just leads to injury and sucks the fun out of your workouts. Getting to the gym is half the battle! Cameron Draughorne, a former personal trainer at the RAC, created the lifting plan for the women’s rugby team and we have followed it to the last detail for the past five months…the results have been excellent!

Are you prepared to accept the challenge and prove once and for all that you are Georgia Southern’s Strongest Eagle? Then your next step is to register here. The entry fee for this event is $15 before April 1st and $20 between April 2nd and April 7th. The actual competition is on April 9 at 10 a.m. at the RAC  Pavilion. Find out more details, including how to perform the exercises and how events are scored at the Strongest Eagle website.


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