Club Sports Team of the Month: Archery

CRI has named Archery the Club Sports Team of the Month for April. Laura Hughes, one of the captains of the archery team,  has shared information about this new team and its achievements. Read on to find out what it’s like to be on the Club Archery team!

What is a tradition your team has?

We are a brand new team here at GSU and are still developing traditions.

What is your favorite thing about playing Club Sports at Georgia Southern?


How often do you practice? What is your typical practice like?

We practice once a week as a team and reqiure 3 hours of individual practice each week. We stretch, warm-up, and usually shoot a round of 30 arrows. When we don’t shoot for points, we work on the fundamentals of shooting a bow.

How often do you have tournaments?

We attend about 4 tournaments during the spring and summer semesters and are hosting numerous tournaments  that are open to the community throughout the year.

What is it like to travel around and compete against different schools? Shooting against other schools can get pretty intense during the actual shoot, while outside the shoot everyone is very welcoming and sociable.

What is your best memory about Club Sports?

My best memory actually occured on the way to a shoot as fellow members threw themselves their own rave party in the passenger seats of the car (nothing but pride was harmed in this process).

When did you start shooting archery?

All of our teammates started shooting at different times. Our experience varies from 3 months to 10 years.

What if someone is interested in playing your sport? How can they find out more information? Are there tryouts?

No, there are not try-outs but we do require that you provide your own equipment. We have contact information on the CRI website along with a facebook page under the name Southern Eagles Archery. We have one practice a month that includes a time for new interested students to give archery a try.

When was your club established at Georgia Southern?

We became a club sports team last spring with 2 members. This spring we grew to 9 members.

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?

We recently got recognized by the Archery Shooters Association in front of hundreds of fellow archers for our efforts in promoting the sport of collegiate archery.

I believe some of your members placed as top ten finalists. Could you give me their names a little more information about that?

At the ASA shoot in Gainesville, Florida, we had Jake Jones place first, Justin Farmer place second, and Joshua Greene place third in the mens collegiate compound division. We had Lauren Hughes place first in womens collegiate compound. We also had also Linda Stephens and Nick Garcia place first in womens and mens collegiate recurve. Justin Farmer placed 13th out of 71 shooters in his division while at the National Indoor tournament in Conyers. Linda Stephens placed 7th out of 95 shooters in her division also while in Conyers.

What is your team looking forward to? Any big events?

We are very excited for the chance to shoot at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA in May. It is one of 2 big collegiate events that count towards our overall ranking at the end of the year.


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