Donating Blood… Everyone Else is Doing It

Have you thought about giving blood but are unsure of the facts? Learn about why it’s important, how to donate, and what to expect the day of your donation. And what awesome prize you can win by donating… it’s a good one!

Why Should I Donate?

Donating blood is a small act that can save lives. Take a look at these facts to understand how much YOUR blood is in demand.

▪ Every 2 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion.

▪ More than 38,000 transfusions are given daily

▪ 5 million patients in the US need blood each year

As you can see, a lot of blood is needed on a daily basis. There is no way to manufacture or produce blood, so it is very important that people donate.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Eat a light meal and be sure to hydrate yourself before you donate. You must present one form of identification in order to donate. This can be your driver’s license, donor card, passport, school-issued ID card, etc. Also, be sure to know the names of any medications you are taking. If you are over the age of 17, weigh over 110 pounds, and in good health, you’re good to go!

What Should I Expect?

First, you will go through a registration process to make sure you are eligible to donate. Next, you will be given a mini physical exam where a health professional will go through your medical history with you and check your temperature, pulse, blood pressure and hemoglobin level. After this, you are ready to donate! The donation process only takes around 8 – 10 minutes. All instruments used are sanitized, and a brand new needle is used for each donation. When you have finished donating, you should stick around for about 10 – 15 minutes to have refreshments (which are provided). When you finish enjoying your snacks, you can then go spread the word about your good deed and encourage your friends to do the same.

What’s in it for Me?

First of all, you get free juice and cookies. That’s reason enough for me! More importantly, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that just one donation could save up to three people’s lives. Also, there are often blood shortages. With your donation, you can help ensure that there will be blood available for those who need it most.

When Can I Donate?

You’re in luck! The Wellness Department at CRI is sponsoring a blood drive on April 6 from 12 – 6 p.m. at the RAC in the MAC gym. You can donate blood every 56 days, so after you donate on April 6, be looking for another blood drive in the beginning of June! As if saving lives isn’t reason enough to donate, Delta and the American Red Cross have partnered to give you the chance to win a pretty sweet prize. Participants who donate blood between April 1 and June 30, 2011 will be entered to win a pair of Roundtrip Delta Air Lines Tickets!


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