Club Sports Team of the Month: Wrestling

CRI has a new title we are giving out to deserving Club Sports called the “Club Sport of The Month.” This month, the title has been given to the Georgia Southern Club Wrestling Team, who has been working nonstop in preparation for their upcoming championship competitions.

So what is the Club Wrestling Team all about? I interviewed the coach of Club Wrestling, Coach William Dennis Hurst to find out just what makes this team so special.

Hurst wrestled throughout high school and received a wrestling scholarship from Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL, where he was named All- American. For the past three years, Hurst has coached the Club Wrestling Team.

When was the Club Wrestling team established?
It was initially established in 1997. The club disbanded, but I restarted it in 2008.

How often do you practice?
The team practices two hours a day, Monday through Friday, at the RAC to prepare for the season.

Club Wrestling Team

How long is your season?
The season begins on the first day of classes in August and concludes with Nationals during March.

Does the wrestling team travel a lot?
The wrestling team is part of the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA). When Georgia Southern’s wrestling team was first founded, there were only fifteen schools in NCWA. Now there are over 120 schools across the country. This allows for the team to compete with contenders in many different states. Nationals are also in various locations. In recent years, they have been in Michigan, Texas, and Virginia. Traveling is a major component of this club sport.

What upcoming competitions are you preparing for?
The Southern Conference Championship from February 25-27th in Florida, and the National Collegiate Championship from March 11- 13th.

Does your team have any achievements the team is especially proud of?
The team’s hard practices have paid off. The team earned 12th place at Nationals this season. Last season we had our first National Champion and first Georgia Southern All-American, Brooks Pendleton.

Where can students go if they are interested in joining the team?
If you are interested in joining the Club Wrestling Team, try-outs are the first week of classes in the fall semester. You can find contact information for the coach at this link:

Club Wrestling Team


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