Resolution to Get in Shape? There’s a Program for That.

“About a third of New Year’s resolvers make weight loss their primary goal, and about 15% aim to begin an exercise program,” says John C. Norcross, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Scranton, Pa. If you fall into this category, CRI has many ways to help you stay active all year long.

Traditional Approach to Fitness
Below is a list of ways to stay fit in a traditional fashion. These are each linked for easy access to find out more about these opportunities.

Group Fitness Classes
These are a fun way to make time fly when you are working out. Come solo or bring friends and you are bound to have a good time while burning those calories away. Some classes you may want to try are Spinning, Cardio Dance (either Zumba or Flirty Girl Fitness), and Yoga. Spinning is an intense workout that will build endurance and strength. Zumba and Flirty Girl Fitness are so much fun that you will forget you are working out. Yoga will help build your core strength and is a great de-stressor.

Personal Training
Having a personal trainer will hold you accountable to your fitness goals. A trainer can show you the correct way to work out, and how to get the most out of each workout. Personal trainers at the RAC are ACE certified. At $10 an hour, you can feel like you are getting a deal and a workout!

Fitness Assessments
A fitness assessment can give you an idea of where you are in your fitness, and help you set goals for where you want to be. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

Stay Active with Sports
Intramural Sports offers a variety of sports in the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Looking for a sport to get into this semester? Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball, Outdoor Soccer, Softball, and Inner tube Water Polo are just a few of many sports offered in the spring semester. Grab a few friends to play with you and you will be sure to get a couple of hours of exercise in each week.

Get Active in the Wild
Southern Adventures sponsors several activities to help you stay fit if you love to be outdoors. You can go on hiking, canoeing, or whitewater rafting trips with this adventurous group. There are many weekend and day trips throughout the semester, as well as a Spring Break trip, called The Southern Adventure. This trip will take you through Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee to go white water rafting on the Ocoee River, climbing at the Red River Gorge, and backpacking through the Smoky Mountains. If you prefer to stay indoors, you can climb the 42-foot climbing wall located inside the RAC.

Shape Up in the Pool
Swimming is a form of exercise that uses even the smallest muscles in your body without causing you to break a sweat ( You can swim laps on your own time, or if you need some motivation, sign up for a program sponsored by Aquatics. The “Swim 2 Summer” program is a great program to start. First, you choose a destination to “swim to.” The equivalent amount of laps is listed so you can see what it would be like actually swim to that destination. You can complete the laps at your own pace. Whether you want to distribute the laps over 2 weeks or the whole semester, it is up to you! You will see rewarding results and also be rewarded with prizes once you achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts
I hope these suggestions help you stay active and achieve your goal. Get in a routine and stick to it! Once you find something you enjoy doing, you won’t even feel like coming to the gym is a chore. It will be an activity you look forward to. Best of luck to you!

-Sarah Beth Sullivan


Birdie Bash!

It’s time to show off your awesome badminton skills! The CRI Birdie Bash is set to take place on Tuesday, January 25 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. At the Birdie Bash,
basketball court 3 will be transformed into free play badminton courts. Racquets and birdies will be available for checkout at the Equipment Rental Center.

Here are some cool badminton facts:

– A birdie’s official name is a shuttlecock

– Badminton has been an Olympic Sport since 1992

– It has been recorded that a birdie can be smashed at over 200 mph

– In a typical 2-game match, a player runs approximately 1 mile

– Each game is played to 21 points, with players scoring a point whenever they win a rally regardless of whether they serve

Now check out this YouTube video I found. Think you can dominate the badminton court like professional English badminton player Anthony Clark?

CRI Till You Die!