It’s the Most Wonderful (and Fattening!) Time of the Year

School is almost over and most of us will be returning home for the holidays. This means great company, delicious food, and unfortunately, no RAC. So how is one supposed to stay healthy during the holidays, especially without CRI watching over you? Well, to help you all stay slim during the season, I have scoured the internet in search of a few healthy holiday eating tips.

Below is a list of the most common tips I found. So read these over if you want to have your holiday cake and eat it too, all without the guilt!

•Holiday eating is all about proportion. You do not have to skip out on your favorite holiday treats. Instead, do not over-indulge on them. Having one or two cookies will satisfy your craving without packing on the pounds. And that Christmas ham with mashed potatoes, rice, cinnamon apples, stuffing, and/or whatever else your taste buds desire- eat that meal in moderation too. Take a few spoonfuls of each side dish instead of piling a holiday food mountain onto your plate.

•Nervous you won’t be able to control your proportions and overeat? Try drinking a glass of water before a big meal, which will help fill you up a bit. Also, don’t get into the habit of not eating all day in preparation of a big meal. Instead, snack on healthy foods throughout the day, such a carrots or fruit. This way, when you sit down at the dinner table, you won’t be starving, which will cause you to pile everything you see onto your plate.

•Now, once you are all situated at the dinner table with your plate of proportionally sized foods, eat slowly. Don’t try to stuff everything in your mouth in less than 10 minutes. Many times, when people get together for the holidays, the celebration revolves around the meal. Instead, make the celebration about your family and friends. Think of food as secondary. So take time to converse and laugh at the dinner table.

•At a party, keep moving and work the room. Standing next to the food table will only taunt you. And more than likely, you will not be able to resist the urge to have a few cheese cubes or breadsticks. Instead, walk around, mingle, and focus on having fun. When you’re hungry, then you can wander over to the food.

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I hope this helps! Have a great holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all back at the RAC in January.

CRI Till You Die!