Iron Eagle Challenge

Courtney Wilkins, a CRI employee gave some insight to her rigorous training involved with the Iron Eagle Challenge:

At first I was a bit skeptical about competing in the Iron Eagle Challenge because I can sometimes become really competitive. However, I have decided to do the race with my roommate, Alicia Bennett, a group fit instructor for CRI. As we complete our applications, we found ourselves torn between team names. The top two picks are “GetchaSum and CremeNGreen.” GetchaSum is just a catchy phrase we use after we have accomplished something big like Aced a tough test or asked out by a hot guy. CrèmeNGreen is simply both of our favorite colors put together, but you have to come to the race to see what we decide.

In preparation for the challenge we have changed our eating habits some, workout and run frequently and of course we ask each other frequently “Is it that time of the month yet?” LOL we have been strategizing and so far we came up with two ideas: Bribe the Southern Adventures Staff or practice fear factor and Amazing race Challenges. After countless hours trying to bribe and plead with the Southern Adventures staff for race information, they would not budge. I even gave them a whole pack of freeze pops and what did I get in return, an Iron Eagle Trip Packet that I searched drastically for clues, answers, hints or any of the sort and there were none.

The race is a big adventure and includes: cycling, running, walking, canoeing and many mystery challenges along the way. Total distance of the race is said to be about 5 miles and thankfully there are race divisions, including male, female and co-rec. I don’t have my own bike or helmet but the Southern Adventures staff provides rentals for both which is great!

My goal for the race is of course to win in the Women’s division. 5 miles is a pretty far distance. In preparing for the race, by the time I reached mile 3 on the spin bike, I needed an oxygen mask, chest compressions and had a really weird craving for Chinese food. Weird ,I know. But overall I really feel that this challenge has made me work out more as well as eat healthier. Participating and preparing with my roomie has had a positive impact on our “roomateship” and has allowed us to spend more time together and get to know each other even more. We are definitely looking forward to competing!!

Sign ups for the Iron Eagle Challenge Ends today and the event takes place on October 29th! For more information, please visit the CRI website ( or the Southern Adventures Center at the RAC!

For those who are racing, what do you do to prepare for an Adventure Race? Any Suggestions or Techniques??


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