Club Sports Fair Recap

I attended the Club Sports Fair this past Monday and browsed the twenty-something number of Club Sport’s tables that lined that RAC hallway. Each table was filled with energetic teammates eager to talk to RAC patrons about their sport. Two teams, the MMA Club and Archery Club, really stood out: one for their energy and one for their ingenuity.

The MMA club, formerly known as the Brazilian Jujitsu club was the most energetic of the tables. I watched them get amped up for the fair by jumping and practicing jabs in the middle of the hallway. They even taped a small square mat to the floor and began sparring for the RAC hall passerby’s.

Their T-shirts said it all: “Kick A#@$ In The Face.”

I sat down with two members of the MMA Club, Kobe Wall and Eric Sullivan, to get some info on the club as well as learn the really cool stuff, like how to kick some butt MMA style.

What is the MMA club?

The MMA club is broken down into two groups. First we have our regular members, who join in order to practice Jujitsu and work out. We also have what is called our Fight Team, which consists of members who travel and compete in MMA cage fighting. Usually, members from our Fight Team have at least one year of training prior to competition.

Who leads the club practices/classes?

Collin Smith, a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, leads the class. He has been training and competing for over 7 years.

When are the practices/classes?

Every Tuesday/Thursday from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the RAC Combative Studio

What does it cost to join the MMA Club?

Dues are $75 for regular members and $60 for Fight Team members.

Check out the MMA Club’s Facebook page by searching GSU MMA Club.

Then there is the brand new Georgia Southern Archery Team, a team that was founded by a group of down-to-earth Southern guys whose hobby was hunting with arrows. One day they decided that other people would probably enjoy the thrill of shooting a target and viola! , the Archery team was formed.

I’m not lying when I say that these guys are seriously good.  I watched as Jake Jones, the club’s founder, shoot all three of his arrows dead center onto his target without a bead of sweat. Fully impressed, I sat down with Jake and another member, Justin Farmer, to talk archery. Here’s what they had to say along with a demonstration on how to shoot:

What is the most common misconception about Archery?

That it’s dangerous! A lot of people stay away from the sport because they believe they can get hurt. But Archery is perfectly safe. The most common myth is that bows are weapons but I promise that they’re not.

What is the most thrilling aspect of Archery?

In Archery, you’re always shooting against yourself, not just other people. You’re constantly trying to beat your best score.

What would you say to people that never even picked up a bow and arrow but want to come out for the team?

Archery is not impossible! We encourage everyone to come out and at least get a test shoot. You might be really good.

 What about club dues and equipment?

In order to join the Archery Club, you would have to pay $35 for the Collegiate Membership. Individual club dues haven’t been decided yet, but will be really inexpensive. As far as equipment, you would have to supply your own bow and arrow. We do however, have access to equipment vendors.

Check out the Archery Club’s Facebook Page by searching Southern Eagles Archery.

For those of you who missed the fair or want to get more information on all the Club Sports, visit the CRI website at

CRI Till You Die!



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