How To Get Involved In Club Sports

The Club Sports program at CRI is designed to offer every one of you the chance to play the sport you’re most passionate about. Each Club Sport is actually a registered student organization. Teams hold weekly practices, travel to other universities to compete, and host tournaments here at the RAC. Team growth is also a huge component of Club Sports and each team prides themselves on their volunteerism and community outreach.

Men's UltimateDan Jones, the graduate assistant for Club Sports gave some insight on the program and some ways to get involved.

Are there any clubs that have formed in the past few years?

Yes! We have added Women’s lacrosse and Archery for this year.

What are some of the Clubs’ highlights from the past year?

Brooks Pendleton from the wrestling team won nationals for the 235 lb weight class, Cycling was our 2009-2010 club of the year, Gordon Hunter from the Mens volleyball team was our 2009-2010 officer of the year. Lastly, Men and Women’s Ultimate Frisbee and Swim travelled to New Orleans to compete.

How do students get involved in Club Sports?

Ther are several ways. The club sports fair is August 23rd from 6-8pm in the RAC concourse.  Also they can contact the front office or visit the website where we have contact information for all the clubs.

Do Students have to try-out to participate with a club?

It depends on the club.  Several of the clubs have tryouts but they also offer “B” teams which can be used for students to improve their skills and still be active in the club.

What do you feel is the best/exciting part about being involved in Club Sports?

It is a great way to get involved, make new friends, and have fun all at the same time!  It provides excellent leadership opportunities for students because every club is a separate student run organization.

Any Final words or advice for student who are interested in joining a Club Sport?

If you are looking for something more competitive than intramurals, chances to travel, and leadership opportunities then don’t miss out on club sports. You won’t regret it!

Don’t miss out on the Club Sports Fair, happening on Monday, August 23 at 6 p.m. in the RAC lobby. Representatives from every Club Sport will be there to answer all your questions about their team. Then visit us again on Wednesday for some highlights of the fair. You can always get your info from the web too. Just visit and click on the “Club Sports” link. You’ll find contact information for all the Club Sports there as well.

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